Oct 31st, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:10 pm

Apple fans were treated to a new Google Search experience yesterday, one that not only brings an Android 4.1-like card system to results but also features voice input, much to the chagrin of the digital personal assistant Siri. Unlike Siri, however, Google Search takes a humble approach to answering one of the biggest debates between Android and iPhone users.

Depending on how the question was posited, when asked, “What’s the best smartphone?” Siri would either respond with a list of handsets based on Best Buy user ratings or suggest that the iPhone was superior. The former response was particularly embarrassing for Apple, as Siri’s answer did not place the iPhone at the top.

With Google’s new voice search for iOS, a less straight forward answer is given, responding with such phrases as “No one phone is right for everyone,” and You’ll have to decide for yourself.” The answers both take a higher-road type approach as well as slyly avoid mentioning the iPhone. After all, not saying the iPhone is the best in some way, at least, suggests that it isn’t.

For iPhone users, the new Google Search gives them a taste of what they are missing with the latest builds of Android. Will it win over any converts? We’re guessing not as many as the removal of Google Maps from the latest iOS build did.

[SearchEngineLand via iSource]

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