Oct 31st, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:08 pm

We’ve already told you about Android 4.2’s all new Photo Spheres — 360º panoramic pictures you can share with friends and family via Google+. But did you know you can also share those same photos with the rest of the world via Google Maps? Simply take a Photo Sphere shot, and share with Google Maps and upload. It’s that easy.

To view public Photo Spheres, all you have to do is jump onto Google Maps and wherever you see a blue dot, drag the little yellow man on top and you’ll be able to see the location as if you were standing there in person. Pretty awesome and you don’t even need to carry around one of those huge 360º backpacks like the Street View team (of course you wont be getting their paycheck either).

With your help, Google will be one step closer to digitizing the entire planet, creating a virtual world that can be explored using none other than Google Maps. Seems no matter what Apple does, Google is always one step ahead.

What do you guys think? Is this a cool new way to share your world and favorite spots with the rest of the world? Anyone else going to create a Photo Sphere of their room in their parent’s basement? To see your own panoramas as well as those uploaded by the community, visit the source link below.

[Google Maps Street View]