Oct 31st, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:17 pm

Many thought the wonderful idea of having docking stations for phones to turn them into desktop computers was dead. Motorola tried this with WebTop, but that idea came with the burden of adding an overpriced laptop dock to the purchase of your already expensive phone. Ubuntu aims to do it with solutions they’ve shown off, but for one reason or another the project just hasn’t accelerated as quickly as we’d initially thought.

Welp, another major player is looking to take a crack at this sort of thing and its name is Samsung. The manufacturer has posted details about a new accessory it’s beginning to offer for the highly-rated Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Simply called “Smart Dock,” this seemingly-normal desktop dock actually turns your Galaxy Note 2 into a mini desktop computer.

It features a full-sized HDMI port to hook up to a monitor, as well as a 3.5mm line-in port for an external speaker in case said monitor doesn’t have audio support built in. Along the sides are three full-sized USB ports for adding peripherals like a keyboard and mouse, and a microUSB port on the back for charging. We’re not sure if one of the USB cables can be used to transfer data to and from other computers and devices, but that’s something to look for once you get your hands on one.

It looks like the dock’s back brace doubles as a cover to protect the connection cradle when it’s not in use. Speaking of the cradle, Samsung’s made it wide enough to house the device with its official Flip Cover installed, and it says most slim covers (we imagine they’d have to closely match Samsung’s official offering) should be fine.

This is said to be coming in at $99.99. The price is not too surprising considering most first-party docks and accessories tend to be grossly overpriced, and we’re sure more than a few of you will agree to pay that much for something that would make your phone a portable computer. You can purchase one now from Samsung’s website, though it’s saying that the product is currently out of stock. We imagine that will change shortly. Anyone looking to add this to their Christmas list for Galaxy Note 2 accessories?

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