Official: Android 4.1.1 arrives for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 today


Sprint has officially announced the rollout of Jelly Bean for their Galaxy S3, making the carrier the first in the US to offer the latest Android version for Samsung’s flagship handset. The update brings the phone to Android 4.1.1 and includes several major changes to the operating system and its TouchWiz interface.

Galaxy S3 owners will now have access to such features as expandable notifications, augmented Android Beam functionality, and Google Now. On top of this, Samsung has enhanced TouchWiz with camera improvements, a new Pop Up Play Mode for picture-in-picture video viewing, and Easy Mode.

The update will begin reaching Galaxy S3 handsets today, but could take a few weeks to reach all users. You can check to see if your handset is eligible by heading to your phone’s settings menu and look under “About phone.”

[via Sprint]

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  1. I should have gotten the S3 instead of the EVO -__-

    1. I made that mistake last year when it was between the Evo 3D and the Galaxy S2.. I made sure to learn in this cycle of phones.

    2. It’s all good… The reason why I got the Evo LTE is cause I thought that touchwiz was one of the ugliest UI’s out there (that’s my opinion), so I can wait a little more for HTC to release Jellybean and their new Sense UI.

      1. I love the Evo but I can’t ignore the uncharacteristic glitches it has (especially with data connection regarding LTE) I’m gonna wait it out, if I don’t see any signs of jelly bean or at the very least an update that corrects the LTE on the evo connection drop outs then ill be back on eBay hunting for an S3 and selling the Evo

        1. Maybe it depends where you live, whenever I’m in the Houston area, I get great LTE connection/coverage… Try updating the PRL, idk… Lol

          1. That’s actually a pretty good idea, I’ll do that

          2. :)

    3. You still can :P

  2. I agree me too, because once again my third evo comes out before another phone and the evo doesn’t get the newest software update first once again….

    1. You bought 3 evos knowing about this problem….. No excuse for you!

    2. To be fair, I was pretty jelly watching EVO 4G users enjoy gingerbread while I was stuck waiting with the og epic..

  3. I want my update NOW! lol Ready to check out some Jelly Bean (official) goodness.

  4. Well I have learned from my mistakes as of now, 3rd times a charm screw this constantly getting the second choice crap this is my last straw with the EVO HTC sprint lineup… Iv learned believe me boy have I ever 3 times in a row…won’t happen again!!!!

  5. Must be nice!!!! Lets go HTC……bring it to my One X!!!!

  6. lucky bastards!!!!!!

  7. I’m so Jelly
    stupid VZW

  8. Anyone got it yet?

  9. Come on T-Mo…

    1. oddly did you get an update today???? I have a gnex but my wife got an update…..she started it before I could see the screen…..I assume it was a maintenance update.

      1. Yeah. It was not the Jellybean update.

  10. Excellent news , however I already purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note II, so I no longer care. My Samsung galaxy S III will now just gather dust.

  11. this morning around 3am(had to be at work at 4am) Already have had for awhile ICS ota on my Epic 4G Touch, I dam near fainted when I looked at my phone and I had a System Update. I had read about JB for the Epic 4GT, I must have been half asleep, i think the update was complete, but there is no change still runing Android 4.0 Maybe it was just a test, minute testing phase

  12. i want the Note 2!! I held it in my hands today, looked at the display in person, that thing reeks All Powerful Android God. Note 1 must have been but still.

  13. Magnus100 pm me I have a question about ur gs III Thanks

  14. Ummm….my Vzw GS3 just started doing an update. Wonder what this is….. :0

    UPDATE: Nothing exciting. Still 4.0.4…..grrrrrrrr

  15. You don’t have to wait for the OTA update. Just manually update it. Thanks to someone at XDA. Sorry I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share links on here from another forum but I’m sure you guys can find out if you search for it on XDA.

  16. I haven’t tested all the features added. However, i don’t like the new button just once. Because i use several messaging apps, it forces me to push just once button every time after i select the application. Is there any way to remove it?

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