Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available from Sprint


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available from Sprint for $299 on a new two-year contract. The 5.5-inch “superphone” launched on T-Mobile yesterday and is currently up for pre-order on Verizon and AT&T. US Cellular customers can expect the phone to be available sometime over the weekend.

We recently had a chance to get some hands on time with the Note 2 and came away quite impressed. Sure, the size will turn some people off, but it’s one of the best phones in the market in terms of hardware. Samsung takes full advantage of the large, crisp display. You can check out the full review for a complete look at what to expect.

If you are picking up the phone today on Sprint, you might think about pointing that S Pen to the Galaxy Note 2 section of our very own Android Forums. You know you want to.


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  1. I went to a T-Mobile store yesterday to see a working display of the Galaxy Note II. I was very impressed with it, even compared to my Galaxy S III; using the stylus felt a natural and unique experience. My local Sprint store had already run out of the phones when I got there this morning to add one to my service, but before I left I took a look at their display. I can only describe my experience as a nightmare.

    Sprint had installed demo software on the phone that kept crashing and causing system-wide slowdowns. As if that wasn’t bad enough the stylus was chained to the table, the T-Mobile store did not take that same precaution but I can understand not wanting to lose it to theft. However, Sprint chose to use a metal cable connected directly to the top of the capacitive stylus. This tether caused all manner of problems when using the stylus on the Note II including: unresponsiveness, inconsistent pressure sensing, and complete failure to detect the stylus in the middle of the screen. Both of Sprint’s displays had the same disappointing stylus issues caused by their incompetence.

    Had I seen the Sprint version of the Note II first, I would have questioned the poor performance and likely decided against getting one right away. I plan to seek out another Sprint location to purchase the phone today as I am not deterred by Sprint’s foolish mistakes.

    If you are planning to take a look at a Note II, don’t go to a Sprint store, the ones that T-Mobile has on display are identical but actually functioning.

    1. You shouldn’t have gone to a Sprint store to purchase it anyway. Bestbuy, no MIR.

      1. I thought Sprint did away with MIR?

        1. Last I heard they brought it back. The no MIR was just a promotion for a bit.

      2. Sprint doesn’t use rebates on any phone over $149.99

    2. That’s frustrating. I hope they fix it and it doesn’t deter people from picking one up. Also I hope people’s word of mouth isn’t super negative about it because of that.

    3. Sounds like a poor store IMO. My local corporate store had the N2 on display in both colors, flexible tethers to stylus, and lots of signage. The reps were knowledgeable and gave unbiased opinions. I personally was unimpressed with the stylus, resolution at that size, and initial price of $300 without any special. I was paid $25 to buy my EVO LTE and it is the best phone I’ve ever owned. I’ll be waiting for another Nexus device beyond the N4 or get a 5″ 1080p HTC Variant from Sprint when it arrives. I wanted to like the Note but the lack of SVDO and the poor personal evaluation today just isn’t going to get it done at $300.

  2. To buy, or not to buy..

    1. There is no question… The answer is TAKE MY MONEY SAMSUNG!!!!

  3. I was the first person to buy one this morning at my sprint store. The demos work flawlessly

    1. LOL!! I know how you feel. I was the 1st in my store at 8 a.m.

  4. Sprint got a lot of firsts going on

  5. has anyone confirmed buying it from best buy yet ?

    1. I was in best buy returning the s3 that was 100 dollars 2 weeks ago and they said they wouldn’t have note 2 until 11/11 This was in Ann Arbor Michigan.

    2. Look for Best Buy Mobile stores, they have them.

    3. nov 11th i got one pre ordered through sprint even though it came out the 25th..

  6. I am dying to buy this phone, currently on Sprint and trying to figure out if I should re-up with them for 2 years or shell out an insane amount of cash and go off contract with T-Moble or AT&T.

    1. When is LTE rumored to be built out near you? http://s4gru.com/ Check that site for the best idea and base your decision on that if LTE is important.

  7. Played with phone today and was very impressed. Selling my S3.

  8. Played with phone today and was very impressed. Selling my S3.

  9. Typing this from my brand new Titatium Grey beast! No mail in rebate at Sprint corporate store, nice to finally have some smooth waters with a normally troubled carrier.

  10. Awesome phone however; I’ll be waiting for the 32gb version instead of purchasing the 16gb version that is presently out. If I was able to transfer apps to sd then I would’ve bought the 16gb version but due to the fact the OS is Jelly Bean, it can’t be done. The sd card will only be good for media, docs, pictures, etc…

    1. Are you serious? Can part of the app be moved to SD? 16gb won’t last long with some of today’s games installed….sucks….

      1. Serious as a heart attack! Apps (whole/part) can not be moved! I’m sticking with my rooted Epic 4g running CM10 till the 32gb version comes out.

  11. When will the 32GB versions be available?

  12. I had the same experience when I went into the Sprint store today. That didn’t keep me from walking out with one though. I got the flip cover to go along with it and plan on picking up a Zagg screen protector from Best Buy if they have them. They did ask me if I was trading in my GS3 for it and I told them no. I told them that you’ll give me over $200 for an old iPhone 4S but only give me $125 for my S3. I’ll have a better chance of selling it on Craigslist. Love the phone though.

  13. Some release date. I tried the Best Buy stores in my area with no luck. The Sprint store didn’t even have any. They could over night it. Great. What a joke.

  14. So far so good for sprint. Now lets start using that softbank money to speed up the 3g improvements and lte expansion.
    I hope that best buy lowers the price or does a promotion on the note 2. Wirefly had the tmobile note 2 for only $280 I think.

  15. Gave up my Droid Maxx & Razor to Sprint and they sold me a Note 2 for $70 ,, WOW

  16. The size of this thing…urgh. It’s just not doable for me. The note, I can use one handed (stretching my thumb out completely to fully use it) but it’s just far too large. The GS3, I was already iffy on buying because of the size. I still feel it to be too large in some cases. Bear in mind, I have gorilla hands.

    Where did the high-end 3.7″ or 4″ devices go…

  17. I have been using my note 2 but im really having problems about my battery is there a way anyone can please help me solve this? I dont have any accounts synced but I always check my facebook thats all please hwlp me

  18. Sorry I forgot to tell you that my battery drains 1% almost every minute….please help me

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