iPhone 5 goes up against the Samsung Galaxy S3 in blender test [Video]


Alright, we’ve all seen a few videos from around the webernets pitting the iPhone 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a series of drop tests. The results were almost always the same — when it comes to droppings, it’s really tough to beat Apple’s solid construction and superior build quality. But there’s still one challenge left untested: will it blend?

As they so often do, Blendtec’s YouTube channel set to find out the answer to this question, placing both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 inside separate blenders where they were sliced, diced, chopped and screwed into nothing more than smartphone mulch. Which device came out on top? Well, the answer may surprise you. Take a look.

So as it turns out, Samsung’s mostly plastic construction on the S3 — a common complaint amongst Android enthusiasts — proved more resilient than the iPhone’s glass and metal. Who’da thunk it? Well, as you’ve no doubt learned from the history of the automobile, this is why we went from metal, to plastic bumpers. Aside from trying to save a few pennies, I’m beginning to understand why some Android OEM’s prefer plastic to metal. What do you think?

Chris Chavez
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  1. Isn’t the iPhone supposedly more durable then the Galaxy S3? so why did it turn into dust like a whole 20 seconds before the Galaxy s3 ? Aluminum less durable thnen plastic? shiz and they claim the iPhone is higher quality, guess they can add blends better to their list of features, they need all the features they can get.

    1. I’d guess that it’s about the rigid nature of the iPhone. Can’t wait for those Samsung flex displays.

        1. But…. that’s not a “magical innovation” unless it came form Apple! XD

    2. The end of the video was time lapsed so who knows how long the S3 really lasted. Apparently long enough to time lapse edit it.

      1. Then end was time lapsed but The iphone secreted more damage in the beginning regardless… Just look at 1:03 in the film you can still see the GS3 being tossed around vigorously clearly while the iPhone 5 is already pieces of shattered glass… It doesn’t how long the test was the gs3 clearly took longer to break.

      2. Here’s the link to the entire slow motion video:

        You can see that both phones get destructed when they’re blended in landscape orientation, and as the S3 is bigger, it stays upright longer…
        Like the drop test result didn’t make the iPhone the best device, this test doesn’t mean much.

        “When it comes to droppings, it’s really tough to beat Apple[…].”
        You mean “when it comes to iPhone 5 droppings,” because previous versions didn’t tell the same story…

        Anyway, these tests are really funny (this one particularly) but not reliable at all.

    3. Okay, first of all who the hell would put a phone in a blender? Just because it was shredded earlier doesnt mean it is less durable.

      1. it does mean its less durable, the material used isn’t as durable as the ones used on the S3, if you put a 3 inch steel plate in the blender and a stack of notebook paper in another which one do you think will be turned into dust first ? the paper because it isn’t as durable as the steel, the iphone must have a really soft and thin aluminum backing cause that blender sliced through it like butter while it had a really hard time trying to cut through the Galaxy s3’s poly housing.

      2. You never know, you may fall into a giant blender and still be able to call 911 on the SGS3, but iPhone 5? Out of luck. ^_^

    4. Because its slimmer it fell in between the blades. This isnt a real test of durability ffs…

  2. Interesting, never watched the blending deal before and it makes me feel better about my S3 lol :) kudos.

    1. So, if you ever fall in the woodchipper, at least your wife will have your Galaxy S3 to remember you by :p

      1. Well… unless she is the one who pushed you in it

        1. So then it’ll remain for use as evidence in court?

  3. You only just realised why plastic is so popular?
    It’s a man-made material that’s been evolving for many years now with soo many variants for different requirements.

    Plastic’s cool, but the oil required is a serious problem they face, hopefully cars and power stations will get off oil quickly enough so that plastics can continue.

    So, no, I wasn’t surprised by this at all.

    1. Well, I kinda knew for awhile now. The only problem plastic phones face now are the dang glass screens that break so easily under impact. =/

      1. Was kidding, can tell from the hair that you’ve got plenty of experience with plastic (never seen such realistic plastic hair) :p

        Plastic’s really close to being able to replace glass, read an article a couple of years back about a uni project that had managed to get the same optical performance to glass, but with the strength of plastic. Or similar, as I said, was a couple of years ago, should be getting close to commercial availability.

        1. My hairs not plastic. I use elmer’s glue. O_o

          1. It’s epic, no matter how it’s achieved.
            Similar to my brothers from like 10 years ago but fed on miracle-gro :D

          2. I’m making a Chris Chavez chia pet… is that weird? it will use chives instead of whatever the hell chias use.

      2. Chris my one x fell from exactly 5 ft 7 inches and landed perfectly face down on bare concrete.I willput this marvel of modern design up against anything out there.

    2. Did you seriously just go there? Smmfh…

      1. No, I’ve been here for ages :p

    3. Plastic is not an oil-only product; it can be made from biomass too. And, the oil in plastic is just a drop in the bucket compared to the oil burnt smelting other ore, etc.

      1. Thanks for the heads up on that one. I checked it out quickly and from the bits I saw it’s still in development mass use, but it’s certainly promising.
        We’ve needed to get off oil for various materials that have become part of everyday life and thankfully scientists, engineers and education facilities are as always looking to solve such problems.

        I’ll look into it a little more in time, if you have any good articles worth reading, I’d appreciate it.

  4. i suddenly want a blendtec total blender.

  5. Lol smells like jelly beans

  6. I love the plastic construction of the S3. It makes the phone lighter and softer to the touch than cold metal and glass.

    1. I always thought for a plastic phone it feels very sturdy. As in it feels to be a much higher quality than other plastic phones.

  7. *yawn* This was a Droid Life article almost 2 weeks. Wake up

    1. And it was on Gizmodo a few days before that.

      1. people still go to gizmodo ? i left when they changed to layout .

        1. Absolutely horrible layout

        2. I’ve gotten used to the layout. It still sucks, but I deal with it. Don’t know why though, they are so completely Apple biased it’s beyond laughable.

    2. But the video is only 1 week old? O_o

      1. Hulk Hogan & Bubba the Love Sponge said the same thing. ;)

  8. Plastic remains lighter, is not conductive so there’s no signal interference, is much more resilient (flex on impacts,) and can be slimmer with easy to mold form factor options permitting a greater variety.

    ‘Heavier’ has historically been associated with quality in older industries, and this psychology carried over to phones for a while due to Apple. But really – we go into 2013 lusting over flexible, completely transparent amoled phones that weigh nothing. Iron Man 2 showed us a preview a few years ago and people took note. I think anyone still making glass/metal portable electronics in this age is nuts. Maybe for home/work tech, but not mobile.

    1. Well said… but it’s mostly futile trying to convince the “metal is premium” fans that plastic is intrinsicly better.

  9. I do not plan on putting my phone in a blender so this really doesn’t prove a damn thing, where as dropping it could very well happen… I am not an apple fan btw, have used android since the Hero and still do, hate Apple in fact but I like the results of the drop test I have seen with these phones on their count.

    Funny you derps down vote for a truthful statement, you guys are worse than isheep.

    1. Well said bro

  10. hahah wow really? stick to talking about tech you understand.

    1. How dare You call him an “understand”!?

  11. Um…. did that guy seriously just take that lid off without a respirator after blending lithium ion batteries? tsk tsk, sir!

  12. HE’S AN EFFING MAD MAN!!!!!!!! he just practically blended $1300 worth of goodies… well the GS3 was the only goodie but still… Moment of silence for the fallen GS3..

    1. They can afford it. Have you seen the price of those blenders???!!!

      1. This is.. my first time actually seeing where the “will it blend” meme comes from…

  13. Make me want to cry.

  14. i dont mind putting my htc and gnexus in there, but not my new i5.

    1. Julian! Way to go buddy! You finally got an iPhone! Now maybe you could enlighten us as to why you are still here? I figured you’d be over in the Apple site fondling your new friends peaches regaling them about how awful it was to use an Android.

      But I digress, it’s wonderful to see you are still providing such enlightening and altogether folksy gems of wisdom.

      Your friend,

      1. I still use my gnexus for cm10.

  15. I’m glad he made such good use of those conflict minerals. Miners in Congo and other places are rejoicing that their labor has gone to such a useful and insightful cause. At least consumers use this technology properly, and hopefully to be productive.

  16. lol you go GS3 you lasted 3x as long!!!!

  17. The drop test where it actually matters the iphone did a lot better every time. Like I said drop tests are more realistic, cus let’s be honest how many times are you gonna stumble and accidentally drop the phone into the blender lol

  18. LOL at people who think its signficant that their phone lasts longer when its being blended.. How many times will you stick it in a blender to show your friends it survives longer than an iPhone?

  19. Apple might sue because the dust that comes out looks the same for both devices.

  20. still dont like the build of the GS3 or any samsung phones really. Just dont care for it… It feels super cheap, i dont care what reality is cause it just FEELS like crap. I would like to see the one s in there!!

  21. Is it just me or does it seem like the dust and vapors from the blended phones would be very toxic…? Buddy didn’t seem to care at all

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