Sony giving away the sexy Xperia T “Bond Phone” in new Skyfall contest


After officially announcing availability of the AT&T version of the Sony Xperia T/TL a few weeks back, Sony is now holding a contest that looks to give 1 lucky Android users a brand new Sony Xperia T “Bond Phone.”

The promotion tied in with Sony Pictures’ upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall, has entrants watch a short clip from the movie, then after identifying the license plate of a car from clip, answering correctly to a single multiple choice at the end. Easy peasy.

Wanna give it a shot? Hit the source link below for your chance to enter. Oh, and keep in mind this is the Xperia T (not the TL) and while this will work just fine on AT&T, LTE is pretty much out of the question. Good luck!

[Sony Mobile]

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  1. KAM 11

  2. Entered. prob won’t win but it only took like a min to sign up

  3. The phone seems like it should be better in comparison to the rest today’s market. I think Sony has potential to do great things, but they have to commit first.

  4. Bond would at least have a Gnex. Buttons that disappear, face unlock recognition, Speech to text, and self explodes after 3 hours of heavy LTE usage. haha jk I love my Gnex. I never over heats.

    1. Perhaps a special version of Google Goggles for looking at you know who.

      1. If you think M is worth looking at… More power to ya. :P :D

  5. A match made in heaven!!

  6. Sony Xperia Competitions is requesting permission to:
    View basic information about your account
    View your email address
    Perform these operations when I’m not using the application
    That is the message that pops up when you enter your answer. No thanks Sony, that’s too evasive for my tastes. Especially given Sony’s track record with data security.

    1. View very basic info about your account = Name
      View email = Your email

      How else do you expect them to register you?

  7. Incredibly annoying. They are asking for access to my gmail account and to be able to see my profile as well as have access to my email. Talk about invasive, and just asking to be spammed by signing up. The things I do for contests…

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