8GB Nexus 7 No Longer In The Play Store, Possibly Never To Return


If you jumped onto the Play Store today looking to pick up an 8GB version of the tab in time for the holidays, you may have noticed the $200 8GB has been completely sold out, listed as “coming soon.” So what gives? Well, there have been whisperings that Google could have plans to completely phase out the 8GB version of the Nexus 7, in favor of offering the 16GB models for the exact same price. Google’s expected to announce the news on Monday at their Android event in New York, along with a beefier 32GB model carrying the same price point as the 16GB. Are things starting to make a little more sense now?

As many early adopters of Google’s flagship 7-inch tablet have found out, the measly 8GB of storage offered in the lowest-end model of the Nexus 7 fills up quick. Throw a couple of Tegra 3 optimized titles on that puppy, and you’ve got only a handful of games that can be stored on the tablet with little to no room for your budding HD kitty video collection. Couple that with the Nexus 7’s lack of memory expandability, and you have yourself a severely handicapped little tablet.

With today’s announcement of the iPad Mini, we’re hoping Google has a little more up their sleeves than just storage space if they want to keep a strong competitive edge against Apple’s finest. We’re also expecting a new 3G model for the Nexus 7, as well as a speedy update to the unannounced Android 4.2 (still Jelly Bean) and possibly a 10-inch Nexus 10 tablet. Make sure to stay tuned as Phandroid will be reporting live from the event, bringing you the latest as it goes down.What do you guys hope Google will announce?

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Get’s rid of 8GB Nexus tablet because storage is too small, adds 8GB Nexus phone 0__o

    1. lol :)

  2. 10-inch Nexus 10 tablet

    1. YEEEEES!

  3. just returned my 8gb nexus 7 back to saples yesterday. imma get the 32gb version once its announced

    1. Can you do that? How long did u have your tablet? I bought mines like 2 to 3 months and i am thinking of getting the 32 GB if they let me returt it lol

  4. It’s cool, we’ll be able to buy the Max-iPads for our wives after Christmas….

    1. That explains why Tim Cook acts like a major douche.

      1. um, no he doesn’t?

    2. My nose and the milk that was just forced out of it is not pleased with you right now.

  5. Motorola Nexus Maxx – 720p screen, 32 GB onboard memory, S4 Pro, 2 GB RAM, SD slot, HDMI output, headphone jack on the bottom on the phone, and a google experience to give me what my Galaxy Nexus should have given me. (Verizon…)
    We can compromise on the headphone jack.
    Take my money :D

    1. I honestly think that Manufactures dont produce the “perfect device” sometimes..

      1. Of course not. They always hold something back. Planned obsolescence as they say. Better for business.

        1. A pessimist is alone. An optimist is two people away from a threeway.
          <—Hopeful optimist

        2. Which I understand.. but with the rate of progress in the mobile tech industry, I would think that with how fast the market evolves, they wouldnt need planned obsolescence. Except it would force them to evolve even faster vs being able to kinda control the growth. A “perfect” device now is old tech a year from now.. I understand from a money making standpoint, it just sucks from a consumer standpoint..

          Sometimes being a fanboy sucks, we all know that we will never get the “perfect” device. While if you were an “average” consumer, you would just buy the newest thing and live in an oblivious uninformed bliss.

          1. So, so true.. =/

          2. @Gamercore:disqus But think on all the awesome stuff we would be missing out on!! I am really crushed that I broke the Screen on my GNex.. I had to go back to my OG droid and I am already missing all the Jelly Bean goodies.

          3. A perfect device will be the one that has the best features for you. For instance, if you like the cameras, display radios etc. There will never be a perfect device

        3. I am agreeing with you. Motorola seems to hold back on the camera department. They have the power and money to put the best cameras out there.

      2. What are you talking about? The iPhone is THE “Perfect device!”

        Just kidding lol

        1. Razr maxx hd is the closest that we have to being perfect. A better camera and quad core will do it. 2 G of ram is not necessary at the moment.

          1. If they mad a maxx version with an unlocked bootloader, I would agree.. As much as I want to give up all the rooting and ROMing, I wont consiter a device “perfect” unless there is the option to flash your own kernals and ROMs. I do believe that its not as necessary as in the past, but tinkerers will be tinkerers..

          2. I do agree with you. There are rumors about a Moto Nexus device or something similar like the xoom, which it will get the updates via Google.

    2. We can dream lol. I can imagine the same razr maxx hd being nexus with a better camera sensors, quad core and 2 g of ram. I will be a happy camper.

  6. I have an idea, they could just put an SD slot on the thing. That would be a major advantage over the mini ipad for a lot of people.

    1. They could, but they never will. Google using an SD slot is like a Jewish person eating pork.

  7. I am hoping for a Nexus 10. If they don’t announce that I plan to get the Nexus 7 32GB

  8. I’d like to get a 32GB N7 and give mine to my wife. I’m not sure if more storage is enough. I’d also like a rear camera on it. I never used one on my 10″ Iconia but find myself often wanting to snap a quick pic with the N7.

    MHL would be a nice little bonus as well.

    1. Yeah, I’m only asking for MHL, and maybe a better front facing camera. SD card slot would be awesome but it’s never going to happe =/

  9. im content with my 8GB Nexus 7. got it cause it was cheap and i am anticipating a 10-inch nexus tab…..

  10. What about those of us who just got the 8gb version?

    1. Return it….or keep it…..

    2. Have you run out of space? If not, be happy with it. I haven’t even used half the space on my 16GB.

  11. $250 Nexus 10, please. Break this industry open

  12. I’m still quite happy with my 8GB Nexus 7. Yes, I would’ve preferred the 16GB but what got me to buy a tablet was the $200 price point.

    As far as space goes, it’s enough for my apps, Kindle books and digital comic books. Music is all streamed, and movies and TV shows are stored on flash drives that I can access with OTG and the stick mount app (requires root, but that’s pretty easy to do).

  13. 8 is way too small for a device with no SD slot.

  14. I hope it had better speakers!

  15. Gone from the UK Play Store too

  16. Will google gives us the 32 GB for the 16 GB that we bought?

  17. it clearly says: Coming Soon…. so you never know

  18. OK.

    it was very good

    it was very good

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