Oct 23rd, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:11 pm

A stampede of “sh*t X people say” videos has been flooding YouTube lately. These are usually spot-on in a very comical way, even though they can be a bit over over-exaggerated. We have seen videos of “sh*t Mexicans say”, “sh*t photographers say” and “sh*t your mom says” (literally).

More recently we even saw a “sh*t Apple fans say” video; but as much as we love to make fun of Apple “fanboys”, we can get caught being just as silly sometimes. Seeing the Apple-centric video made me wonder why there are no “sh*t Android fans say” videos. Surely, they would be a hit, right? Well, now we have one!

The guys from MobilePhoneFinder have put it together and it is hillarious… and so right. I know I can definitely be quoted on some of these comments – we are sure many of you can be, too! (Don’t even try to hide it!)

So sit back, chill out and enjoy the video as we struggle to get past this never-ending war between operating systems! How spot-on are these guys? Have you ever stated these arguments?

Sh*t Apple Fans Say

And if you haven’t seen the “sh*t Apple fanatics say” video, you definitely have to. Get ready, because you are about to have a blast!

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