Sh*t Android fans say [VIDEO]


A stampede of “sh*t X people say” videos has been flooding YouTube lately. These are usually spot-on in a very comical way, even though they can be a bit over over-exaggerated. We have seen videos of “sh*t Mexicans say”, “sh*t photographers say” and “sh*t your mom says” (literally).

More recently we even saw a “sh*t Apple fans say” video; but as much as we love to make fun of Apple “fanboys”, we can get caught being just as silly sometimes. Seeing the Apple-centric video made me wonder why there are no “sh*t Android fans say” videos. Surely, they would be a hit, right? Well, now we have one!

The guys from MobilePhoneFinder have put it together and it is hillarious… and so right. I know I can definitely be quoted on some of these comments – we are sure many of you can be, too! (Don’t even try to hide it!)

So sit back, chill out and enjoy the video as we struggle to get past this never-ending war between operating systems! How spot-on are these guys? Have you ever stated these arguments?

Sh*t Apple Fans Say

And if you haven’t seen the “sh*t Apple fanatics say” video, you definitely have to. Get ready, because you are about to have a blast!

Edgar Cervantes

Was this photo taken with a Sony Odin C6503?

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  1. “Oh…he didn’t get Apple Care?” “Oh…she didn’t get Apple Care?” “Oh…you didn’t get Apple Care?” “Ah f*ck…I didn’t get Apple Care.” LMAO…my favorite part.

    1. Especially mixed with
      “It just works”
      “No Viruses”

      So what’s the point of Apple care?

  2. ZOMG!!!! SPOT. ON.

    Favorite part: “Let me root your phone…”

    1. ‘Cause it’s so true!

      1. Not as a pickup line!

        1. If you ever use that as a pickup line and the girl agrees….. MARRY HER. O_O

          1. its such a turn off when a girl pulls out an iphone

          2. which is unfortunately every girl.

          3. haha its sad when I see a girl on the bus or train and then…the white iphone comes out…

          4. My wife runs an Android phone.
            It’s the HTC Rhyme girlphone, but it’s an Android.
            I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

          5. yea my GF has the Galaxy s3 and hatess the iphone. It helps that I drilled that in her head for the longest time.

          6. Not mine :) Knew I had a keeper when she said she refused to buy anything Apple.

    2. AY, what rom you running? haahahahaha

      1. Lol that’s my line

    3. “Even the magazine is twice the price”

    4. No it was at the end when he says “Siri’s a BITCH”……DEAD!!!!

  3. I think this guy makes up 50% of my sad existence.

  4. Id like to submit this documentary as court evidence Mrs Koh

  5. i dunno, looks like an apple hipster to me…

  6. Dammit! I wanted to make this video!

  7. The words “open source software” weren’t in the Android video. Huge opportunity missed there! (Maybe it’ll be in Part 2?)

  8. they said apple has amazing costumer service

    they have a point

    integration is one thing they got right

  9. Just the tip……

  10. Hmm the question was never answered >.> how did he get their using apple maps ?

  11. I really wanted this to be funnier. C’mon, nothing about Google Now? And they blew a great opportunity to have him wandering from store to store looking for a Paypass terminal to use NFC on.

    1. Guess it leaves room for a sequel. :p

      1. Apple always leaves room for a sequel. It has been their business model ;-)

        If Apple engineers came up with the perfect tablet today, management would tell them to take half of it out and save it for next year. Ditto next year as well.

        With android hitting jelly bean and the clear grace of the Nexus 7, Apple is going to have to start treating their customers better, though. This is especially true if the Galaxy Note 10.1’s software shortcomings can be worked out and other graceful 10-inch android tablets come onto the market this fall to bookend the Nexus 7.

        Apple will be leap-frogged, especially in BRIC nations and the developing world, if the company does’t start giving their customers all they can afford to each iteration. Apple will probably adapt and thrive, but their stock price is going to take a hit.

        If android does well and begins to lead more in the tablet and phone ecosystem, then Apple is going to need to license tech from Samsung and google and the like. Potential iOS customers will demand the innovation seen in android land, and Apple will be forced to stop their anti-consumer patent trolling.

        1. Dude, that’s Capitalism as a whole.
          Don’t make the best possible, make what can be sold
          Make as cheap as possible and highest margins
          Ensure it breaks around the time the replacement is due

          1. “Don’t make the best possible, make what can be sold”

            oh come on. They are even coming out with 1080p phones next year

          2. but the screen will explode 1 day after warranty expires. :)

    2. I’d have a fun time with the NFC tags hehehe!

  12. Just switch to google, that’ll fix it. (Sh*t Apple Fanatics say Part 1)

  13. “I can play slot cars in my dungeon, and I can still get full reception!” <– Best line!

  14. Sorry but for me it was boring.

  15. The worse part is I have said all of those at one point in my day.

  16. this trend was way outdated……

  17. In the Apple videos, the word “android” was mentioned only once between both videos. Thought that was interesting. I liked that Yoga girl by the river….

    1. the apple ones were more about macs than iphones tho.

  18. “Siri’s a b*tch!” OMG LMFAO xD

  19. I’ll admit, we Android fanatics can be pretty annoying at times, but Apple fanatics seem worse. I’m only saying!

  20. I can’t lie. I do talk about how customizable it is. Lyk ALL the tym. And Widgets. That’s my main thing. It does the same thing an iPhone can do plus more. LoL!! And “I hate Apple” Oh my gosh!! This guy here. LoL!!

  21. The Android one made me want an iPhone.

    The Apple one made me want an another Android phone (that isn’t a phablet).

  22. The Android one was spot on, the Apple ones… I dunno, just didn’t quite hit the spot for me, I think it was the actor, wasn’t quite smug or brainwashed enough.
    Or maybe I’m just being the Android guy too much.

  23. It’s become a habit. Whenever I drop my phone at school: “Well good thing it’s not an iPhone.”

  24. i’ve said all of those except the magazine one… i wouldn’t speak to someone reading an imag.

  25. best line..
    even the magazine is twice the price..rofl

  26. I love them all.

  27. Super entertaining!!

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