Unlocked Black Samsung Galaxy S3 coming October 24th, says Expansys


The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched with some nice colors, but many people were missing the traditional “black” that seems to look so nice on any smartphone. Titanium Grey seemed to be Samsung’s way to fill that void, but it still wasn’t quite as dark as most would like. It’s been a couple of months since Samsung officially confirmed they’d be bringing the alternate color to market for anyone who wants it, but things have been rather quiet since then.

The wait seems to be over, though, as Expansys has told us it expects shipments of the black Samsung Galaxy S3 to arrive starting October 24th — that’s just two days from now. As you’d imagine this version of the device is completely identical to the models launched in Europe so far outside of its chassis.

But what about those of us who don’t live in Europe and are not in a position to import? Well, you may recall Verizon was carries the black (and brown) versions of the device right now (available here in case you were wondering).

There’s more to consider when it comes to big red, too. Since the Galaxy S3 came to the United States before the LTE-capable Exynos chip was ready all carriers were limited to going with the S4 processor for their versions. While the S4 is nothing to sneeze at we’re sure many would have greatly appreciated the quad-core Exynos instead.

Well, Samsung is likely going to come to market with a 64GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and this gives them another reason to refresh the line with Exynos. We haven’t heard anything of the sort from any sources of our own, but Verizon could be gearing up to offer this enhanced version of the device with the new options said to be headed its way.

And that’s not to say other carriers won’t be in line for these options, either, it’s just that we haven’t heard anything yet. Of course, those on AT&T and T-Mobile can get the device unlocked if LTE (at least for AT&T as we’re not sure how far we’re off from seeing T-Mobile LTE) is not important to them.

As for Expansys, the retailer will be offering the unlocked device (16GB) starting this Wednesday for just £409.99, though we’re still trying to figure out whether or not this price includes VAT. The US site isn’t offering it unlocked just yet, but if you are fine with importing it then head over there now to get started. [Expansys]

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  1. though color is personal preference like design, but having seen and used GS3 Black Color, I must say It looks terrible, don’t get me wrong. It looks like cheap Chinese phone sold here in pakistan. Imagine a Glossy Black…It is terrible. Titanium Grey is best color available, followed by Pebble Blue.

    Btw GS3 in all colors are available here in Pak from last month.

    1. Is it anything like the black GS1 and 2? I actually loved how those looked. But I’d have to see the black GS3 in person to get a better opinion.

      1. no, it is not even remotely close to GS2 black. its shiny black…one could easily see his reflection in it which makes it even more terrible. the front is Okay because most part is covered by screen, but when u rotate it its meh

        Garnet Red is gorgeous…but the problem is Red is associated with Girls ;p
        And brown GS3 is gorgeous too.

        1. “one could easily see his reflection in it which makes it even more terrible”

          If you cant stand looking at your own ugly mug.. lol

  2. Verizon actually already carries both the black and brown SIII’s. Just sold 2 of them on friday.

    1. Poop

  3. mmm idk it kinda looks ugly with the grey plastic on sides… maybe a darker gray would be better

  4. don’t care what color it is. Just want all the features of a galaxy s3 with an updated processor and 64gb of internal storage.

  5. Will they have a RUBY red Galaxy Note 2?

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