The Stock Google Calendar App Is Now Available In The Play Store For Everyone To Enjoy, Android 4.0.3 and Up


Well, this interesting. Given the number of Android devices running custom UI from manufacturers, more than often times this means an OEM has replaced a few stock Google apps with Google Calendar being one of the major ones finding itself kicked to the curb. Now, it appears Google may be combating this by introducing their stock Android 4.0.3 Calendar application into the Play Store for everyone to download enjoy, regardless of the make of their Android device.

While this wont be anything new for those with Nexus devices, this is a welcomed change for those running TouchWiz, Sense, or Motoblur for the past few years. The Calendar app doesn’t come without its problems however, although most of the bugs are associated with HTC devices. Hit the link below for the download. Now, if Google can only release a stock Messaging, Camera, and Contacts app, I’ll be a happy camper.

[Google Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I much prefer S Planner to the stock calendar.

    1. What’s S Planner? Is that a Samsung custom app? Or avail on the app store?

      1. Yea it’s the Samsung Calendar for the Galaxy S3 and Note 2.

        1. Thanks. Shame this isn’t avail for the Gnex. I wouldn’t mind trying it.

  2. It’s good that they’re spreading the wealth, but THEY CHANGED THE COLOR OF THE WIDGET. I think this was a poor choice on their part. Now its more likely to clash with one of the millions of different wallpapers we can use.

  3. The stock Google calendar is way inferior to s-Planner Which is the most functioal calehda I’ve ever used on a mobile device

    1. loving it on my Note 2, the best phone in the world atm. this phone is packed with so many practical features…

  4. Doubt the location links are working still using English (UK) Language, which was reported months ago for JB :(
    But I’ll check just in case.

    1. I was wrong, the bug I was talking about has been resolved in this app and will be rolled into stock with the next OS update.

      EDIT: Chris, could you pop this as an update, I’m sure people will assume what I did and many won’t read the comments. I include resource link for you to check my statement.
      Hopeful thanks in advance man.

  5. They should go this with all gapps.

    1. Market’s part of it though innit?
      Been ages since I forgot to install gapps so don’t remember

      1. Yeah it is. Things like the stock messaging app, contacts app, etc. should all be in the Play Store. Would be a nice option for everyone.

        1. Yea, so for many of us, it’s not much use putting them on the market, unless they allowed the market to be included in ROMs.
          But rommers aren’t the only ones that would like the stock G apps, so, meh.

        2. Those are not GApps though. GApps are wallet, gmail, maps.

          1. Yes I realized that after I posted, bad wording on my part. But I’m sure you could’ve figured out what I meant. Having stock version of all the basic apps on the Play Store would be very nice.

    2. Yes, including Google Now.

  6. I think the stock calender is very bland – much the same as gmail. I wish they would give us the option to theme it – until they do I will carry on using the Inverted gaaps.

    1. Yeah, it definitely needs some racing stripes, Japanese stickers, and a hot green color scheme.

  7. using now. Much better than Samsung’s UI skin

    1. I found this calendar the same as the one on the Motoblur version.

  8. Now that this has been released as standalone app, it would be great if some development could occur. For example, extended snoozing features would be terrific. I use Calendar Snooze now to get this.

  9. Would it kill them to make a widget that shows the entire month they also scrolls. I don’t like having to use go launcher just to have this option.

  10. does this I can’t use it on an HTC? what can I use then? anyone know?

  11. FYI, if you’ve got root and are wanting to remove the old Calendar.apk, you can, but keep CalenderProvider.apk. I tried using just the Play Store Calendar, but it wouldn’t sync without CalendarProvider present as well.

  12. > Everyone To Enjoy, Android 4.0.3 and Up


    Only a very small percent of the people run 4.0.3 and up.

      1. LMAO such a small percentage…

  13. Why would anyone want an app like this. You see the month view and a dot means ‘something’ is happening today. “Calendar Pad” is the only decent calendar app that I’ve found. It actually tells you what the event is in month view.

    1. Right! Why people find this calendar being a must have is quite the ear scratch

      1. Unless you’re downloading an App from the market, this is one of the better pre-installed calendar apps. People got used to it and prefer it. I’m one of those people.

    2. I like the stock app for creating events, but for an Agenda widget or browsing your calendar I agree. I use “Business Calendar”.

        1. The free one is real good. But I like the paid one because it has the monthly widget.

      1. I cant freaking believe they came out with this! I bought Business Calendar on Amazon as FAOTD a year ago and love it and just bought it on Google play last week so i could get rid of Amazon app store. And now they come out with this. Waste of 5 bucks!
        *EDIT* I see it doesnt have widgets. At least yet. I feel better. :)

        1. I also got it as FAOTD. There hasn’t been a good free app in atleast a year sadly.

          1. A good app? I dont think there has been an app in at least a year at all. It’s all freaking games. Which is exactly why I got rid of Amazon Appstore..

  14. The stock Browser Please.

    Chrome is not goo enough.

  15. ” if Google can only release a stock Messaging, Camera, and Contacts app, I’ll be a happy camper.” Agree with that. We need to have the AOSP apps available…

  16. Has anyone installed this on a phone running CM? I noticed that the two calendar apps are SLIGHTLY different on my S2, was wondering if anyone else noticed this.

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