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Despite Swype for Android’s limited availability due to the company’s desire for OEM deals instead of direct-to-consumer sales, many people have access to it and use it as their primary keyboard. Those people would be happy to know that a new update is available, and with it comes some very neat features that you won’t find on many other keyboards.

One of those features is Dictionary Sync and I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate something like this in my keyboard of choice. As the name implies, Dictionary Sync will allow you to sync your saved words to the cloud.

Instead of having to restore old data from an APK backup or go through the dreaded process of having to re-enter my words they will now automatically be ready for download should I ever run into the need to reset or replace my device. Perhaps you simply want your words on every device you have — welp, no need to worry about doubling up on the work with these features.

And Swype will now even figure out which words are trending and automatically add them to your dictionary. “Gangnam” probably wasn’t in many people’s keyboards, but with this feature it would surely be added with how many people are searching for the viral YouTube video.

It does leave some questions regarding piracy, though. Where is the data coming from? Is it from the opt-in dictionary sync feature or are they taking data from everyone’s keystrokes?

Android warns users that third party keyboards may collect data about the input it receives (which is fine and totally understandable for a keyboard that needs personalization features), but you start to wonder just how much they’re looking at and what they may be doing with that data.

Swype has always appeared to be a trustworthy company and foul play is the last thing I’d suspect, but if the Carrier IQ debacle taught me anything it’s that you never really know until it’s laid out on the table.

That’s why we’ve sought comment from Swype on the deeper aspects of this feature and the methods they use to make it possible. Be sure to check periodically as we hope to have an update.

Beyond all of that, there is now better support for those who use Japanese and Chinese keyboards, and there are now ten different themes you can use to make your keyboard “fit” with the rest of your OS. The only way to get this one is to go inside the app and download it — us lowly folk without the necessary hardware still can’t get it from the Google Play Store. Read on for full press details.

Swype’s Learning, Living Keyboard Gets Even More Personal


Swype Lets You Take Your Personalized Dictionary with You from One Device to Another with Backup and Sync; Adds Hotwords, New Tablet Interface Choices and Swappable Keyboard Designs


Burlington, Mass. – October 18, 2012 – Nuance Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today released the latest version of the Swype keyboard at http://beta.swype.com.  The latest version of Swype is more personal than ever as it now lets people sync their personal dictionary across multiple mobile devices.  Swype also now features three different tablet keyboards, updates dictionaries with relevant trending ‘hotwords’, and offers multiple fun keyboard theme choices.


Swype is a four-in-one keyboard that lets people choose how they stay connected, whether they swype, type, write, or speak.   Swype “learns” each individual user’s text input style and builds a personal language model– in other words, the more Swype is used, the smarter it gets.  In addition to the new capabilities announced earlier this year, Swype now features:


  • ·       Dictionary Backup & Sync: Swype now backs up and syncs a user’s personal dictionary across any of their mobile devices. So now when nicknames like “Ollie” are added to a mobile phone, that word will be automatically added to the personal dictionary on a tablet as well as all other registered devices.
  • ·       Swype for Tablets: Swype has taken tablet innovation to the next level by offering a choice of three different keyboard layouts for tablets: the original keyboard, a small and moveable keyboard, and a split keyboard.  So no matter what style keyboard, people can stay connected and productive from anywhere.
  • ·       Hotwords: Language is evolving faster than ever and Swype now updates dictionaries with the latest global trending words.  Swype users can opt-in to receive updates to their dictionaries and stay up to date with the newest ‘hotwords’, like “Gangnam Style.”
  • ·       Themes: Swype allows users to further personalize their devices with the new keyboard theme options. Users can access up to 10 different themes in Swype’s settings menu for quick and cool keyboard customizations.
  • ·       More Language Support: The latest update to Swype also features enhancements to the Chinese keyboard with an additional tool bar and has added a Flick keyboard to Japanese. Users can also expect many more languages with Advanced Language Models that predict the words and phrases users Swype the most.
“Swype has proven that Android users love choice and flexibility as part of their user experience,” said Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile.  “Swype has truly embraced a multimodal, personalized keyboard that learns and adapts to each user’s preference.  And with the ability to carry that experience across Android devices, pick your keyboard layout, automatically stay up on key trends and hotwords, Swype is by far the most customizable keyboard on the market.”



Download the Swype Beta for Android to any Android device including those with Swype preloaded, by simply visiting http://beta.swype.com. Nuance’s Swype platform is also available for OEMs supporting the Android Platform as well as via an SDK for other operating systems. 


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