Samsung Galaxy S3 now $99 at Amazon Wireless [Deal Alert]


It’s one of the best Android handset of all time, and now it can be yours for only $99 on a new contract with select wireless providers via Amazon Wireless. That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $99.99. This limited-time sale puts the Android powerhouse in your pocket for far less than you would normally expect provided you sign up for a new individual or family plan with Verizon or Sprint. The AT&T model is also on sale for $129.99.

The promotional pricing covers both blue and white versions of the 16GB GS3, which features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display and 4G LTE connectivity. Head over to Amazon Wireless to grab one now before this special offer expires!

Buy: Sprint | Verizon | AT&T

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  1. That’s cheap…..

  2. Sounds good until you get the device and realize you cannot move any apps to the SD Card.

    1. As much onboard memory you get you don’t really need to do that anymore. I can see back in the day where you only got 512mb of ROM space but these days where you typically get 2+ gigs?

      1. My brother has had his S3 from ATT for 2 weeks, internal memory is already full.

        1. There’s 16 gigs. I have over 3 gigs of apps installed on my. That memory also acts like an SD card so he has probably filled it with pictures, videos, music, downloads, etc. Move the other crap to the actual SD card (if he has one installed) and then he will be able to install half of the apps in the Play store.

  3. It could be free they can keep it. Google hurry up and announce the Nexus 4 and Android 4.2.

  4. What I find more amazing is the Amazon has Sprint’ HTC EVO LTE 4G for $29.99 and AT&T’s HTC OneX for a penny…for new customers…!

    1. That’s a steal on the Evo! One of the most underrated Android monster’s of 2012.

  5. How bout Tmobile?

    1. I was able to get it for tmobile during best buys sale on suday, and it ended up only costing me 25 bucks

  6. When will full retail prices go down?

    1. I read this and thought it said “When will FUEL retail prices go down???”

      This phone KILLS the IPHONE 5 in every way, shape, and form!! $99 is a steal!

      1. Exactly!
        It upsets me how on-contract prices are always going down but not full retail. I only buy my phones at full prices and I’m sure a lot of others do too. (Specially those trying to keep their Verizon unlimited data plan)

      2. Unless you want a phone that will receive updates, isn’t in garbage touchwiz and isn’t the size of a small tablet. Then you gotta wait for the Nexus.

        1. It is unfortunate Samsung/Verizon suck at releasing updates, but take matters into your own hands and go to XDA. They have an awesome development team over there with more ROMs then you know what to do with!!! Don’t let the carriers stop you from getting what you want!

  7. EVO LTE is $29.99/new contract also.

    1. Love the Evo Lte! Great phone.

    2. I just ordered mine… Can’t wait to get it! Buh bye battery draining GNex!

      1. I’m running 4.1.2 and getting amazing battery life. They defiantly addressed the battery issue. I am still debating on the EVO LTE myself.

    3. Evo LTE has issues connecting to well…. LTE.

      During testing all other phones did not have this issue. The Galaxy S 3 is the best LTE performer on Sprint. The Photon Q also acts a little finicky.

  8. That price does sound tempting, but I think I’m gonna wait to see if the note 2 on sprint will be offered for anything less than $299.99. I have to upgrade before end of year so hopefully by then something will have happened.

  9. This is really tempting. Might just hold out for the chance at a Motorola Nexus Maxx.

  10. it is only £370 simfree so y buy it on contract

  11. How can anyone love sprint? There coverage sucks big time! I’m not happy with vzw’s prices but coverage wise its #1 the only alternative I would ever consider is AT&T

    1. what area are you in because my coverage with sprint is excellent 4g all the time, i never roam and even if u have problems with coverage they send you a coverage hotspot for your house for FREE whats not to love.

  12. I’m not BUYING A GS III on AT&T since their not GETTING 4.1 update till next year so i’ll pass and glad never bought it. but still good price

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