Sprint announces 20 additional markets for LTE in the coming months


Sprint has a big challenge ahead of them if it wants to meet its goal of covering most of its customers with 4G LTE by the end of next year, and the Now Network has announced the next step in order to reach that.

The carrier has announced 20 new markets would receive the high speed network “in the coming months.” They didn’t clarify whether or not this meant we’d be seeing all these markets launch by the end of this year, but there it is anyway. If you were curious to know which cities will be getting LTE love soon feast your eyes below:

  • San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA
  • Cape Coral-Ft Meyers, FL
  • Dyersburg-Union City-Martin, TN
  • Emporia, KS
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Greenwood, MS
  • Joplin, MO
  • Kokomo, IN
  • Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN
  • Lexington Park, MD
  • Marion, IN
  • Napa, CA
  • Naples-Marco Island, FL
  • Ottawa-Streator, IL
  • Punta Gorda, FL
  • Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA
  • Sarasota-Bradenton, FL
  • Sebring, FL
  • South Bend-Mishawaka, IN
  • Terre Haute, IN
  • Vallejo-Fairfield, CA
  • Warsaw, IN

Sure, not all of these markets appear super important to you or I, but any growth is good growth. Let us know if you are lucky enough to live in any of these markets and are excited that Sprint LTE is finally on its way.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. 20 additional cities, not markets. Markets are made up of multiple cities.

    1. Sometimes, sometimes they are just made up of multiple Towns >.< depends on who is counting

  2. Greenwood, MS? Dafuq? I spent a year there; I’m reasonably certain even C-Spire didn’t have Greenwood at the top of their list.


    Wave 4. Ergo, the place may as well be called West Bumblefark. Anyway, I guess any progress is good progress for Sprint.

  3. Glad to see the Michiana area get some love.

  4. That’s a whole lotta Indy!
    But I’m on At&t, so whatevs. :-P

  5. Recount your list. There are 22, not 20.

  6. Argh…No Phoenix. I’ve grown impatient. Been with sprint for 10yrs. They’ve been awesome to me. Got the EVO 4g on the 1st day (Not 4g in Scottsdale though). I’m gonna give T-mobile a crack at my business for a while until Sprint hits my area.

    1. You’re going Note 2. Aren’t you!?

  7. Come on Wilmington, DE!!!!! i need you here now lol

  8. Will this increase my 3G speeds? Or better yet, will this increase my 3G coverage? Or did they completely forget that I’m still roaming in some areas in Houston?

    If I don’t see an improvement by the end of this year, in just 3G coverage alone, I’m leaving Sprint. I never roamed once while on Tmo.

    1. It would lift probably .0000137% of sprints customer base off the 3G network… Don’t forget, they wh0re their network out to everyone that is willing to give them a sliver of what they’re making.

  9. still not a single city in michigan!? WTF!!!

    1. I’m with you…. i’m just outside of Detroit and can’t believe I don’t have coverage here. Just dial-up speed on 3G

      1. I am on the otherside of michgian and all most of those indiana ones are in my area so thats a good thing. I honestly live in an aera where its mainly 2g from most of the carriers around here in a small area and its annoying. but these michiana cities are a good thing.

    2. The metropolitan area of Michigan is the least profitable. That’s why it comes in last. When it becomes insanely cheap to throw up LTE towers, then, just then, will they throw Detroit a bone.

      1. Out of curiosity, where do you get that info? Why are metropolitan areas of Michigan not profitable?

        1. It’s obvious, when Wimax came in, one of the last states to get Clearwire was Detroit. Now this time around LTE is going to strike there last, too. Sprint is a business, not a charity.

          1. 1. Detroit is not a state.
            2. You still didn’t answer the question of why you think that Sprint believes that Michigan is “not profitable.” And, you did not provide anything factual to back up those statements.
            3. Charity? CHARITY? Are you serious? Do you honestly believe that all of Michigan is a down trodden wasteland, like the relatively small Detroit inner city admittedly is? Knowledge bomb for ya: the Metropolitan/Greater Detroit area, i.e. all of the surrounding communities of Detroit (we’re talking more than a 30 mile radius of the city, not to mention the many communities outside of that area), are not only very populous/large, but if Sprint would pt some effort in, it could be a huge success for them.

            Im sorry, but you touched a nerve, and you should probably know some facts before essentially saying all of Michigan is like Detroit in the movie Robocop, and all of its citizens are nothing but a group of stiffs looking for charity.

          2. LMAO. come on dude relax everyone knows Michigan is Podunk

          3. the hell you talking about? have you seen verizon’s 4g map for michigan? Its EVERYWHERE! I live in a podunk city and we get it here. sprint’s problem is a rollout problem, and the exact same thing happened with wimax. You have heard of Detroit and Grand Rapids right? They each got 1 wimax tower. That’s not how you are supposed to make customers happy.

  10. I’m in Dallas, and LTE coverage apparently means a handful of towers scattered around the city. To call this coverage is a joke.

    1. Same thing here in Atlanta. It really is a joke. The LTE coverage map seems to be a projection of where they eventually plan on having coverage.

      1. Also in Atlanta… I only get coverage in a handful of places… A lot of them are just interstates

      2. I’m in NE Atlanta and have fast Sprint LTE wherever I go. LTE is beyond anything I expected. It’s certainly not a joke in my area. Hang tight, it really works well. The Atlanta buildout isn’t even half done yet.

    2. bump on this. Here in Rockford, IL. Freaking scattered. But when I do get it, I get speeds of 20Mbps down. Just wish it was always there.

    3. LOL, your right, sprint is just putting 1 tower in each city, just so they can say they have LTE There, another company confirmed that Sprint was only 10% in allot of their markets.

  11. No love for San Jose south bay area still? Disappointed in Sprint yet again

  12. The only reason i stayed with Sprint is that the said they would be in Ft. Wayne, IN. Now I wont regret my decision.

  13. How about finishing the markets you “went live” with first. Atlanta probably has 30% coverage over the metro provided you are outdoors. Go indoors and they have 3% coverage.

  14. Sprint. How about you get it to work in the cities you claim it is in currently? Like Kansas City? Where your corporate headquarters are? Remember?

    1. LOL…good one…

  15. Might as well list the rest of the cities that AREN’T covered yet and label them all as, “in the coming months!”

    1. They would have to say, “coming years”

  16. Still no Minneapolis/St. Paul but fucking Warsaw, IN? Sprint is such a fucking joke. The moment AT&T gets that Galaxy Note I’m gone.

    1. I’m guessing its because Minnie got WiMax rather early in the rollout, and since it works SO brilliantly out here, we just get to wait. Makes me want to go T-Mo. Anyone know how pissy they are about tethering? Sprint doesn’t seem to care about 3G, but keeps you off the 4G.

  17. Why does Sprint keep announcing, “Coming Soon, LTE here!” They are the
    only carrier to just announce updates but almost never have any? You
    never see ATT or Verizon announcing coverage updates!? They either have
    new cities to add or they don’t. Sprint stop fake hawking your
    nonexistent network! LOL

    1. Yes! I agree. I have heard too many of these announcements and yet, not LTE. I flew into one of their LTE cities, turned on my LTE to try it out, no coverage lol.

  18. What happen with south Florida, Broward and Palm West counties?
    Sprint need upgrade its 4G and 3G network in Orlando, especially in the parks.
    I was there the last two days and the data network was simply poor.

    1. I have an annual pass to Universal Studios and take the kid every other weekend. I can’t even send a picture text let alone do anything with the data network there. Everywhere else in Orlando I get data, but at SUPER slow speeds. At the parks, nothing at all!

  19. …not even los angeles…::sigh::…only reason i stuck with sprint is because of the great plan they have, but coverage and data speed really sucks. if i have the bucks to blow out, i’d switch to verizon.

    1. I to was in those shoes. News flash. Its not a great plan with only 3g

  20. Wow Greenwood Ms. finally glad to see Sprint showing us Mississippian some love, but why not the state capitol what i live Im just saying

  21. Finally redwood city mother fuckers

  22. I think Sprint is really stupid… no lte in big city like Minneapolis.

    1. They want to avoid big cities for one main reason. Hitting small little towns make it easier to make an announcement like “20 New Markets” when the total population of those markets is equal to just two or three of these big cities. Its all about the looks. They want to say we have LTE in over 150+ markets but do it for the cheapest price. Best way to do that is hit up small cities.

  23. yay! Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh wait…

    1. Haha good one!

  24. Glad to see Chicago is on that list…….oh ya thats right, screw Sprint soon as Note 2 drops I’m going to Big Red

  25. How the heck is Silicon Valley still not one of their markets. You would think the center of the tech world would be one of the first places to be upgraded.

  26. Way to stick it to the 6th largest city in the US Sprint! Phoenix has continuously been screwed when it comes to 4G. Great marketing strategy morons…

  27. Yay Marco Island

  28. Actually I wad told by two reps and a manager, all on separate occasions, that Los Angeles will be getting LTE by December.

  29. Portland starts this fall from what the guys at s4gru are saying. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  30. Not a peep about St. Louis… 19th biggest metro area in the US with a pretty large Sprint market.

  31. Has Sprint forgotten about the state of Colorado? Last time I checked Denver is a decent sized city… but hey, thank god Kokomo Indiana is covered! Is Pawnee next? Apparently they’re just daring me to switch to Verizon when my contract is up (not to mention VZW has the current phone I’d most want to have, the RAZR M).

  32. I live in Pittsburg KS and there are times my Galaxy SIII shows 4G on my screen when connected to the mobile network. We are about 30 miles from Joplin MO so I don’t know if they are doing tests and maybe blanket us in with them when the time comes.

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