Motorola Droid RAZR HD, Droid RAZR MAXX HD available October 18 from Verizon


Motorola has finally come clean with a date for the launch of the remainder of their new Droid RAZR lineup. Both the Motorola Droid RAZR HD and Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD will be available October 18th from Verizon. The phone’s are mostly identical, including such features as a 4.7-inch display, 8MP camera, NFC, and durable construction including KEVLAR backing, with the Razr MAXX HD featuring a slightly thicker frame thanks to its larger battery size.

The two handsets follow the Droid RAZR M, which launched last month as the lowest-priced member of the lineup. The 4G LTE-enabled Droid RAZR HD will retail for $199.99 on a two-year contract, with the RAZR MAXX HD going for $299.99 on the same terms.


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  1. these are such lovely looking devices that i’d consider but i hate the quality of motorola’s cameras that i can’t fathom buying them(I remember my droid and Droid x days).

    But my little brother definitely will be interested.

    1. That’s the one area that falls short on Motorola phones. I wish they’d put some effort into the camera to make it at least average to the rest of the competition. If they made it above average it’d be a miracle.

      But I’m still tempted by the Razr HD because the rest of their hardware is nice, solid and just feels quality.

      1. The camera of Motorola are average not great but not as bad as Galaxy Nexus

    2. If you want a good camera, you will have to go with the gs3, but will suffer with their weak radios.

  2. Why can’t they launch a Nexus RAZR MAXX HD?

    WHY????? (besides the horrible name)

    1. maybe it’s in the works. we’re still far away from xmas and if the rumors hold true, we should be seeing multiple nexus phones being released soon.

    2. I too am holding my breath in anticipation of the new Nexus line. I have high hopes that the multiple Nexus rumors are true and we’ll get some good announcements later this month that they’ll be selling several Nexus handsets by the holidays.

    3. If they did this and gave it 2GB of ram and an S4 pro I’d gladly pay $300 even. As it is, the Droid RAZR MAXX is nice, but kind of overpriced.

      1. It is 2 gigs if ram and quad core

      2. Yeah, I wish they’d drop the price a little. But since it’s their premium phone I guess they don’t care how much it hits the pocketbook.

        1. No it is not 32 of storage and biggest battery on the market.

          1. ^^^???

          2. The Razr maxx will be the best device in 2012 along with the note 2 and the optimus g. Complete wise the Maxx top all of them because of its body construction, battery, gorilla glass and design. My friend has it and it is as close as perfect as any other device. The camera still the same though, if you are into taking pictures and stuff, i will recommend you to wait for the new HTC that is coming to Verizon.

          3. I still don’t understand how this is a response to my comment about the price of the thing. I mentioned the price, and I said it’s their premium phone…???

          4. the price will be 300 on two year contract. That device is one of the premium devices in Verizon.

    4. I’ve always thought Droid Nexus sounded cool. But that’ll never happen since Verizon has dibs on the Droid merchandising with Lucasfilms. But I’d settle for a Razr Nexus :-D No Maxx branding though, they should just take the Razr HD, give it a slight makeover, and keep the name short with Razr Nexus. Not Razr Nexus HD, Not Razr Nexus HD Maxx, Not Droid Razr Nexus HD Maxx LTE 4G, or any other number of ridiculous name branding they could tack on there. Short and sweet is best. I mean the Galaxy Nexus kept it short, and I liked it for that.

      I’m with you though, I have been waiting a while to see a Motorola Nexus phone.

  3. 0.0 4.7″ screen? That phone is going to be enormous.

    1. that includes the buttons. the galaxy nexus is 4.65″. Won’t be so different.

    2. It’s no bigger than the RAZR. There’s just less bezel

    3. It actually hasn’t gotten any bigger than the last Razr, they just increased the screen size. It’ll look just slightly smaller than the Galaxy S3’s but the actual phone itself will look quite smaller than the S3.

      1. It will be about 2-3 mm less wide than the gs3 and about 5mm shorter. Not really monumental differences. It is the same width as the galaxy nexus, so expect a comparable bezel. However it is a few mm shorter than a galaxy nexus, overall it is about the same size for those who want a size comparison in advance.

        1. That is true. I’ll reserve my final judgement till I can actually get one in my hands because size seems to be more of a perception issue for the most part. But I’m digging Motorola going for a larger screen while maintaining the overall footprint for the most part (save for the new Razrs being thicker then the thinnest part of the original Droid Razr).

  4. Its just stupid that these are being released with ICS

    1. No, it’s not. Unless you want to wait a few more months. All the testing and certifications were done with ICS because JB wasn’t released yet. So they have to release what what was tested, or go back and retest and recertify with JB (which they will anyway). And even when JB has been certified, it would require a manufacturing change to load and test with JB.

      The real world isn’t as simple a place as it is in your mind.

    2. Agree. I rather have a One X+ with a 4.7 incher and jellybeans.

    3. You are a tool.

      1. I thought you had to older than 10 to be on these forums.

        1. Exactly ! What are you doing here? You are 8 years of age. Go back and play with your Nintendo 64.

  5. zero reason to buy the razr hd over other phones. however, the maxx hd is tempting….

  6. great! january price drop is going to be right up my alley for the maxx. on wirefly or amazon.

  7. Within one year Motorola has created six Droid Razr phones.. this is ridiculous.

  8. After using Jelly Bean I can’t go back to a ICS device

  9. @Daniel – Its really more like 4 for updating the OS since the RAZR/MAXX were identical except for battery and the HD/HD MAXX will be the same.

  10. Finally, the best devices of the year will arrive :)

  11. I downloaded the razr m launcher with that cloak widget and it look alright on my gnex

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