AT&T LTE coverage expands to Ascension Parish and Western Nassau County


AT&T has been on a nice, steady pace in terms of 4G LTE rollouts and expansions, and two new markets are finally receiving coverage today. Ascension Parish near Baton Rouge and Western Nassau County near New York City are receiving high speed coverage starting today, and with dozens of smartphones, tablets, and hotspot devices with compatible radios we’d imagine more than a few of you are excited for that. There are still a lot of major markets to take care of but any progress is good progress in our eyes. See if you can get that 4G LTE icon to show up in your device’s status bar and let us know how things are faring for you. [AT&T 1, 2]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Running 44 mbps down 15 up on average here in Indianapolis. still haven’t seen higher.

  2. That means we’re only a step or two away from Western Suffolk, NY… So close, and yet, so far…

  3. ive had hspa42 which i just a fat if not faster for over a year in all of nassau and all of suffolk lol and hpa 21 since 2010?

    1. just got 16down 3 up in eatern nasau western suffolk border t mob

  4. Very rarely have I ever seen someone actually reference Ascension Parish on the internet. I live in Livingston Parish.. that’s pretty neat.

  5. Geez … all this time between deployments and AT&T can only announce TWO markets? Ridiculous.

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