LG Nexus phone reportedly pictured; looking pretty nice


Ever since rumors of an LG-manufactured Nexus phone have come up we’ve all been waiting to get a quick sneak peak at how it might look. Fingers were no doubt crossed that LG didn’t go with the “blocky” design philosophy they’ve seemed to adopt over the years, and it looks like we won’t have to worry about that if these photos are to be believed.

The corners are more rounded to look more like the Galaxy Nexus, there are no physical/capacitive navigation buttons, the camera and flash are offset to the left of the device, and the texture of the battery door that gives off a crystalized look (at least in these shots). A version of the device with a Nexus logo on the back reportedly exists, though it’s hard to tell which design will stand.

LG’s Nexus phone supposedly sports a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset so this is shaping up to be the most powerful Nexus phone we have to date. It should be a lot more powerful than the current Galaxy Nexus, and it looks like the S4 Pro chipset might even best the quad-core Tegra 3 found inside the Nexus 7.

Google reportedly revamped the Nexus program to allow more OEMs to create any Nexus-branded devices for the exchanged obligation of adhering to a standard list of specs. If that rumor is still true then the device pictured above above and below might not even be the only Nexus phone to look forward to within the next Calendar year.

Alongside LG, other OEMs said to be looking to get in on the Nexus fun are Motorola, Samsung, and HTC, two of which have already made Nexus devices for Google in the past. It would be a very exciting time indeed, though we’d honestly be happy to get just one device if it was as powerful as the LG-made one described above.

Should these rumors be real we are expecting to hear more about the next Nexus device sometime between the end of October and the end of November in time for a holiday release.

One thing that has never been particularly solid in the Nexus program is Google’s release strategy. The Nexus One kicked it off with a failed distribution model that excluded the traditional retail experience. The Nexus S came along and made itself a lot more accessible in-store, but GSM carriers weren’t interested in subsidizing it.

More recently, the Galaxy Nexus had a period of exclusivity on Verizon’s network which meant Sprint customers had to wait months for a release, and GSM carriers were still against subsidy; Google eventually began offering the unlocked GSM version on its Play Store for that very reason. Note that things were much better outside America.

We would hope Google has enough clout to pull a Samsung and get this thing on all five major US carriers simultaneously, though it’s not clear whether it will be up to them or LG to shop this device to carriers.

Another facet of the Nexus program we’re hoping Google will get a better grasp on is the firmware upgrade game. Unfortunately some carriers, like Verizon, controlled updates for the Galaxy Nexus instead of the updates coming straight from Google.

This meant users had to wait extended periods of times for updates as small as bug-fixing/maintenance changes, as well as larger upgrades like the all-important android 4.1 Jelly Bean. If the Nexus line is as successful as we’d hope it is carriers should have no problem agreeing to a hands-off approach when it comes to software. But whether or not Google will make this a three-pronged dance — with carriers having to agree to let Google handle software upgrades in order to sell the device — remains to be seen.

All told, this LG Nexus is shaping up to be one hell of a device and we can’t wait to get even more information once we’re closer to its inevitable unveiling. Let us know what you think about these shots in the comments below! [via Android&Me]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think it’s the best looking Nexus ever. And as it looks like that back will probably be made out of glass just like on Optimus G.

    1. The front picture view could be a twin to the GNEX. Not sure how you see it as “the best looking Nexus ever” when it looks just like the current one.

  2. In Australia there will never be a time where Google can bypass carriers for firmware updates since all phones/firmwares must pass Australian standards (for things like emergency calls). That’s not to say it has to be a very long delay like there is now with the AU Galaxy Nexus because Samsung has completely dropped the ball and hasn’t even submitted a Jelly Bean build to carriers to test.

    1. Why? Requiring adherence to standards is fine, but how does that preclude Google from delivering the updates directly?

      1. I’m saying that Google can’t bypass the AU carriers because they have to test EVERY update that comes for EVERY wireless device. The update will still come firstly from Google AFTER the carrier/s give it the all clear.

  3. “Google reportedly revamped the Nexus program […] If that rumor is still true […]”

    It’s not : http://androidandme.com/2012/10/news/retraction-recent-android-4-2-rumors-were-fake/

    1. That was about specific features of Android 4.2 — nothing to do with Nexus. Rumors about the Nexus program are still strong and have been addressed by credible sources.

      1. What is still true is that several Nexus devices will likely be unveiled, a phone and a tablet, but the Nexus program revamping was part of the hoax.

        You might want to read this comment from the hoaxer:http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/10/07/the-android-police-week-in-review-the-biggest-android-stories-of-the-week-93012-10712/#comment-675183270

        Here’s an excerpt:
        “Nexus programm
        The nexus program changes drastically. Every manufacturer can produce Nexus devices or Nexus versions of existing phones. They closely work with google on the hardware and driver details (there is a more efficient solution for this in 5.0), but google is responsible for the updates (don’t know how the carriers factor in). The phones don’t necessarily have to have “Nexus” as part of their name, it works more like a certificate like “HD Ready”.

        1. “The following rumours were not part of the hoax, though:
          – The WSJ Article that reported that there are several Nexus devices this year.
          – The rumour that states that there might be a LG Nexus and the confirmation from CNET.
          – All the 4.2 handy that were spotted on several server log.
          – The rumour regarding the forbidden SD-slot.”

          The general idea of the program is still alive, anyway. Regardless, all of this is useless until it’s official (or not).

          1. Yes, there are several devices coming this year, it doesn’t mean that the Nexus program is revamped… am I missing something?

            edit: ok, I hadn’t read the WSJ article, and I thought it was only about several nexus devices, like written in the hoaxer’s comment.
            My bad, you were right from the start: it’s alive!

          2. Perhaps we’re getting a bit too tied up on semantics. Bottom line is that it is, up to this point and until we see multiple Nexus devices in a calendar year, abnormal.

  4. the shape looks alot like the sgs3 lol. looks like some manufacturers are moving away from rectangles with rounded corners

    1. well yes apple will sue obviously

  5. The back is ugly.

  6. If this is really how it will look, if it actually comes with the S4 Pro, and 2 gigs of ram; the I want this phone pretty badly!!

  7. Everything except the glitterball effect is lovely.

    It’s great to see an Android phone without a protruding camera that gets scratched easily and without that unsightly Samsung bulge at the bottom that angles the phone away from you when resting on a surface.

  8. I’ll be pretty upset if this is the only Nexus this year. I’ll also be pretty upset if the final model is bedazzled like that… Smh… It would be the first phone I would feel like I NEEDED a cover on and it wouldn’t be to protect the phone. It would be to protect my dignity and manhood.

    1. Your manhood was lost the moment you revealed your insecurity about your manhood.

      1. Well in that case I guess there’s nothing holding me back from picking this one up anymore then.

      2. Yup

  9. Funny you should mention the “battery door”, as that’s the part of the picture that caught my attention immediately. Having the FCC ID stamped on the outside of the device is a clear indication (to me) that the battery is fixed – not user-replaceable.

    1. Nooooooooooooooooooo!!! *takes deep breath* Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

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        1. Aaaaahhaaaahhaaahaahahahahahaha…*pauses and clutches side*…mwaaahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..HA! ;-P

    2. Oh my, it appears you’re right.

    3. Im not sure i could use a device w/o the option of removable battery…it’s the one thing i can brag about going from 0-100% in seconds also a force restart is handy. I really love having a spare battery around not having to worry about finding an outlet (or charging pad)

      1. You can still do a force restart with embedded batteries. With the Razr and other phones with embedded batteries, there is a button combination you press and it does a force restart.

        1. True, i guess switching batteries would be my #1 concern

        2. My old G2x also had a button combination to restart it. However, if the phone locked up hard enough, this combination wouldn’t work. Which happened often, because the phone was LG. And so is this new thing.

          If any of you actually decide to drop money on this phone, all I can say is: good luck to ya.

          1. Yeah you always need a plan B

    4. That was my first thought too. The only reason to put the FCC and CE info on the outside is because you don’t have removable battery.
      It’s a deal breaker for me so I guess I’ll be keeping my Galaxy Nexus

      1. I somewhat agree with you, but I want to see if this ‘project roadrunner’ rumor turns out to be true. If this device gets Razr Maxx-like battery life then I could do without the replaceable battery.

        1. It’s not, the source of the rumor have declared it a hoax

    5. I’m fine with that provided it gets good battery life.

    6. Another argument for replaceable battery: no FCC crap on your phone

      1. Meh. Most people use a case anyway.

    7. The other indication could have been that the Optimus G doesn’t have a removable battery, and this is basically the Optimus G..

  10. I prefer the square style rather than this – This is what turned me off the GS3 as soon as I saw it. Having said that, this picture looks a little off to me (like it’s been squashed) :-) the wait goes on !

  11. What is up with girly sparkles?

  12. Why are there 3 Headphone jacks on this phone?

    1. The two bottom holes appear to be much smaller than the top. I’dguess they r screw holes or for a dock

      1. well regardless i dont want a phone with the headphone jack and the power jack not on the same side. its just a pain while driving and charging while listening to music.


    1. It has bezel in the right places. I sometimes like to hold my phone without touching the screen

      1. No way, this phone is going to be huge if that bezel it that big. Might as well get a Note II.

      2. phones have sides too

    2. On the Galaxy Nexus there’s a notification LED under the screen.

      1. So you’re justifying all that bezel for a notification LED?!

        1. A big one? :P

          Seriously, as it’s seemingly not replaceable, I hope that it’s because the battery is huge.
          If the Galaxy Nexus had come with a larger bezel because of a bigger battery, it wouldn’t have been bad.

          Anyway, this is not the final version, we don’t know yet how this device will look when it’s released, but to me the bezel is definitely not the worst thing about it…

          1. More like a flashlight…lol.

            Yea I hope so too about the battery.

            How do you know it’s not the final version. I mean the design is not going to change…

          2. I say that this is not the final product because of what’s written on the back.
            We don’t know whether the design is going to change or not, we don’t even know when this model was made.

          3. I wish you’re right.

  14. The screen doesn’t look curved :(

    1. Don’t even notice it on my Gnex, so no worries.

      1. The screen curve is really just handy so that the screen doesn’t directly sit on a surface if it’s face down resulting in scratches. I don’t think it’s supposed to be that visually noticible, anyhow.

  15. I’d be surprised if that was a Nexus simply because it’s not got an AMOLED screen. All previous Nexus phones had had one, at least initially.

    1. That’s true, all of them, and the on-screen buttons don’t look good without the AMOLED blacks.

  16. Meh…

    Still not interested unless we see a 32GB version. Would *really* be sold on a 64GB version.

  17. If that’s it, I’ll wait for the GNex sequel (assuming there is one)

  18. My thoughts –

    1. I don’t want an LG Nexus, I’d rather have Samsung.
    2. The bezel looks too big
    3. 3.4 kernel??? This would be a new build of Android then.
    4. The screen doesn’t look AMOLED, in which case the poor black levels of LCD look terrible with those on screen buttons.
    5. Disappointed, I’d rather have an iPhone 5 than an LG Nexus at first glance.

    Please just update the Galaxy Nexus with an S4 Pro, new camera, and LTE battery life on par with the iPhone 5.

  19. If this comes out, it’ll be known as the “Disco Nexus”

  20. Looks horribly wide.

  21. I think this looks sick! Yes, the glitter on the back is… debatable but other than that, they’ve kept the Nexus shape (my favorite by the way). I could see how some people won’t like this look (seriously, glass/plastic backing like the iPhone?) but other than that it looks different than what’s currently out there.

    My mind is already blowing at the thought of Jelly Bean running on a quad-core S4! Gaaaaah….. Give it to me!

    1. true dat… I’m all in!

    2. The “glitter” on the back could actually be a carbon fiber back side, to make the phone lighter?

      1. Hmmm.. no. It’s what LG is already using on the Optimus G. It doesn’t look as “girly” in person. Just gives it pizazz. Lol

  22. If this phone really has a non removable battery, then I hope they’ve shoehorned a 3300mAh battery (we know that kind of battery exists). Also they’d better have a 64gb version available out of the gate (since there is no SD support and they’d better keep the 13MP camera.

    1. The battery better be that big if they r gonna make the bottom bezel more massive than the gnex

  23. That phone looks fugly and looks pretty similar to an iPhone. LG is disappointing me, so I’m probably gonna pass on it if that’s the final design. Hopefully, HTC will rebrand their Droid Incredible X and sell it as their Nexus phone :)

  24. I’ll be all over this as long as the storage is at least 32GB; 16GB is simply unacceptable these days. Still mulling over the thought of the note 2, but I don’t want a carrier locked phone I’m done with that.

  25. I hate how massive the bottom bezel is! I was hoping there would be an improvement in that area over my gnex. And why did they move the headphone jack to the top! I love it on the bottom. Looks like I’m waiting for the note 2 or next year’s nexus

  26. It looks like a disco ball on the back o_O

  27. I like the idea of a Nexus line, but why does Google’s standard list of specs have to suck?

    It seems that Nexus phones can’t have microSD slots and at least don’t require removable batteries (and with the way Motorola has been going, perhaps require that they have non-removable batteries). And what about a QWERTY slider for the OG Droid fans that kickstarted this Android craze in the first place?

    Amazingly, the rumored Samsung Stratosphere II is the phone that fits the bill — why couldn’t that be a Nexus device with reasonable software updates? Come on Google, make reasonable spec requirements and encourage some VARIETY, please.

    1. QWERTY sliders aren’t relevant with the way android phones are evolving. Bigger screens, no physical nav buttons. On screen keyboards are the norm now.

      1. Like I said, variety would be nice. Not everyone wants the same things.

  28. That LG Nexus prototype is for sale on russian site baraholka.ru for 450 euros !!!

  29. Isnt supposed to be only google at back instead of with google.
    Any company can use with google like it was incase of many lg phones and first samsung galaxy s.
    Doesnt seems to be true.
    Lets wait and watch..only few weeks left

    1. Ah I see what you are saying. I thought you meant the LG logo at first. Ignore the picture lol

  30. That LG Nexus prototype is for sale on russian site called baraholka.ru for 450 euros !!!

  31. Cool LG is finally using there head, they build good quality device’s but the LG UI is horrid.

  32. The revolution was built like a brick and indestructible and the spectrum had great build to it. But the UI overlay is so laggy and buggy.

  33. I like that it looks like the samsung galaxy nexus. its a good design. although I’m not sure about the bezel and as others have commented I’m not crazy about the glittery back either. but I’d have it in a protective otter box any way. so I guess it doesn’t matter. I hope they don’t dumb it down for the states like they always do. with a quad core processor it would be future proof. I can’t imagine why a phone would need to be more powerful then that

  34. I don’t want my phone to look like it’s been bejeweled.

  35. “Unfortunately some carriers, like Verizon, controlled updates for the
    Galaxy Nexus instead of the updates coming straight from Google.”

    Not just carriers. Manufacturers too. Samsung controlled updates in certain regions. They came from Samsung, not Google. This could get hairy if the new Nexus has more manufacturers.

  36. It may look better when you shown off but it doesn’t look that cool to me. The back looks interesting. It looks wide.

  37. Waiting for HTC’s version of the nexus before I can make a call on which nexus device is better…

    1. Indeed… the rumored 5″ 1080 beast with Qualcomm’s S4 Krait chip is my current “next phone” based on specs — definitely looking forward to a head-to-head competition between these phones.

      1. Here’s hoping that would be the one!
        I’m not a major fan of this LG Nexus… the glitter? Huge Bezel?
        Waiting seems like the best option.

  38. i hope this means the current gsm nexus phone on playstore gets a big price cut.

  39. I’d give it a chance if it wasn’t as big as my face… I’ve been trying to find an lg to last after..

  40. Why does it say “with Google” instead of “Google” like other nexus devices?

    1. The original gnex leaked photos had similar anomalies. The back has already been changed; on androidandme.com a tipster leaked that he may have played with the final version and it says Nexus on it with a multicolored X

  41. FAIL glitter

  42. I’d more readily give up a “user replaceable battery” as long as it still has a micro SD card slot. Storage, especially when it comes to apps, is just too important to ditch. So unless they’re putting out 32 and 64 GB internal storage then an SD card slot is a must.

    As far as design goes I don’t know if I like it all that much. I actually preferred LG’s more sharp corners without the shiny bezel. At least that design was different. This one seems to take too many cues from the Galaxy Nexus and earlier iPhone models for my comfort. I guess if it’s a beast of a phone then design won’t completely knock it off my list, but I’m getting tired of the same old design floating around. Say what you will about Motorola but at least they have always had a fairly handsome and unique design. I find the Razr models more appealing design wise than these leaked photos.

  43. If this is a nexus id b very disappointed! Blacks look completely washed out on the on-screen buttons without samsungs help on an amoled. And glitter seriously! Samsung please make a nexus!

  44. the camera is 8 mp you can tell from the photo, the 13 mp one on their international optimus g is raised above the back surface so it sticks out prob because of the sensors, the U.s. version is 8 mp and flat on the back surface same as this

  45. I don’t think this is the LG Nexus. if you look, on the back it clearly says “with Google”, it might be a stock android device but all of the Nexus devices say only “Google” on the back.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking.

  46. I really wish they use super amoled screens…i don’t like the washed out look of LCD screens.

  47. meh, looks ok. not trippin over he back or bezel, i, like 90% of other will have a case.
    gimme a 3000+mah batt and internal is cool with me
    32+GB of storage and im good also. dont need a sd they are messy.
    give me a 8mp cam on par with iP4s-5/sgs2-3 and im good
    make the display a IPS true HD and im good too. the amoled is overrated. people will complain either way. u love the blacks but hate the yellow/bluish tint of the whites and how u cant see it good in sunlight or the burn in issues with the amoled tech.

  48. do we have confirmation on the size of the screen? what’s the aspect ratio? the pics make it seem like it’s very wide, is it? Also, any more info on the camera?


  50. In Russia, Nexus Google YOU! :D

  51. The screw holes on the bottom look terrible! That can’t be final!

  52. starting to come out very nicely except for the back just wish THEY ADD A SD CARD then i would buy it

  53. It takes a lot to get me out from under my stone to post in blog comments. I usually just read what others have to say but today I’ve gone to the trouble of registering because I want to add my voice to the countless others..

    I am stunned at the arrogance of the manufacturers of the latest smart phones.
    The issue I object to is the 8/16GB onboard storage I keep hearing about. This is MADNESS.. I have a two year old HTC Desire HD. I copy ONLY music and video to my 32GB (class 4) SD card and it’s worked perfectly for these last two years. I realize that app developers find it hard to code for different phones with different speeds of card etc but then, as I mentioned previously, I ONLY use it for music and video, I do not move apps to it.
    Now here’s the thing.. 4G is just about to start rolling out in the UK and I know the Yanks have had it for a couple of years but it’s gonna be a while before it’s mainstream in the UK. 4G cannot compete with cold hard storage. I store my music on Google Play but i have about 15GB of it on my phone at all times. I can skip around tracks etc without having to wait for anything to load. So if 4G is going to mitigate this lack of storage it will have to:
    a) Be available EVERYWHERE including the London tube I use daily during my morning commute.
    b) Be so blazingly fast that I can skip to another track without any delay whatsovever and keep this performance up flawlessly every single day over the two year contact period.
    c) 4G will need to be available, unlimited, at zero extra cost on top of the contract or i smell a scam cooked up by the makers and the carriers.
    4G can’t do the above (esp the second one). So here’s the deal, the manufacturer’s either PUT A MINIMUM OF 32GB IN THESE PHONES OR I WILL NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A SHITTY STICK! I will not even pick up the dummy model in the store out of curiosity.
    I saw the galaxy S3 when it was released but still had a couple of months left on my contract. I knew that I wouldn’t get an S3 because two months is a long time and something new will be available. My contract expired on Oct 1st just about when the Nexus rumors started. “Great” I thought, “This is perfect, I’m pretty sure my new phone will be a Nexus” Now that I’m hearing 16GB will be the very best available I’m planning to pick up an S3 the moment I know for sure that this is the best I can expect from a Nexus phone. (furthermore… who the hell is going to buy an 8GB one? It’s laughable!) Lack of storage is the biggest deal breaker possible.
    So here’s the deal, I have read so many comments about this subject recently and have noticed a trend.. Hardware manufacturers listen up.. the first company to make the following phone will destroy the competition:
    A 4-5inch screen that is edge to edge/top to bottom. (no one I know holds their phone between their fingers and thumb. They hold it like a CD, cradled in their palm). Google put software nav keys so you don’t need these black frames on phones. An ‘Edge to Edge’ phone will be ICONIC it will stand out sooooo far from the crowd. Even if the screen is 5 inches the whole handset will not be too big provided it loses the dead space around it. A phone this size can have a larger than average battery too. It could also have space for even two SD cards.. imagine that, I mean it’s possible right? But no one’s done it as far as I know. (I don’t have an issue with the rest of the specs just the above)

    If a phone came out next month with the above design characteristics it would defeat everything in it’s path stone dead. It would be like the end of Trading Places when Eddy Murphy and Dan Ackroyd announce their prices and the whole crowd are begging to buy from them. A phone like that could lift a company like HTC right back to the top in a heartbeat….

    … Oh and iPhone users would have a very tough time defending their fruity overlords.

    1. didnt read lol

  54. Headphone jack on the top? I like having usb and audio on the same end. Easier to manage when mounting in the car.

  55. I’d be more interested if it was made by Kyocera than LG. :p

  56. It seems that it will not have 4.2 , but rather 4.1 MR1 …. Here’s what key lime pie ( 4.2 ) should have , according to me – http://esponential.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/top-5-features-we-want-in-android-4-2-key-lime-pie-or-whatever-itll-be-called/

  57. With the chipset being made on a smaller nanometer process and thus more power efficient, and battery technology improving every year, I don’t think the lack of a user-removable battery is a concern at all. The phone will have a huge battery lifespan, easily enough to get through a day, and everyone charges their phone when they go to bed anyway.

    I just hope it has a lot of internal storage. Please, Google, make it a minimum of 32 GB!

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