First look: LG Optimus G at CTIA MobileCON 2012 [Video]


We are live at MobileCON in sunny San Diego! The night is young and there is much to see, but we could not help but stop by and say hi to the mighty LG Optimus G. This is the first device to feature a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor with LTE support, so it is as fast as you can imagine.

And when we say fast we mean it. This device flies. Multi-tasking is also aided by the 2 GB of RAM, making this smartphone one of the hottest we have seen this year. The display is bright and vibrant, and though it lacks the saturated colors of AMOLED panels, the HD screen does lack the pentile matrix and has very realistic and vivid colors.

It is important to note the device is very thin and light, but it definitely does not feel cheap. We can honestly say that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 felt much cheaper. The back was made of plastic, but of a very high quality kind. Seems almost like the iPhone4/4s glass back, but lacking its fragility.

We have to say, we are rather impressed with this one, guys. It is fast, it is well-made and it is over all a great smartphone compared to the competition. That is, if you can overlook LG’s commonly disliked manufacturer UI. There is nothing like stock Android, for sure, but LG’s UI brings some cool features along with eye candy. Check it out for yourself in the video below and let us know what you think!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Such a sexy phone. So fast and silky smoooooth! :D

    1. Great specs, but that LG UI isn’t my favorite.. nothing like another launcher can’t fix…
      But no sd-card slot or removable battery? I guess most of the phone manufacturers are moving away from them.. :I

      1. more like nothing a quick root and rom flash cant fix ;)

        1. Um, a quick root and a ROM flash can’t fix the lack of SD or the fact that you’re unable to change the battery. I want this phone so bad, I can taste it. But I HAVE to have a removable battery, as I use mine to video privately tutored lessons I do. If I can’t go from 0 to 100 in seconds, it’s worthless to me.

          1. Do you really need that much battery life? Can’t carry around a car charger or your wall-charger? As phones get thinner and lighter, it’s destiny that removable batteries will be obsolete.But what I don’t understand is why the lack of sd-card slots… Unless the phone has 64 gbs of space, I need that sd-card.

          2. A removable battery is still a necessity for those who root, ROM and mod.

          3. True, I had to battery pull a lot while using Cyanogenmod and other ROMS, but Android manufacturers aren’t gonna change what they are going towards just because of the hacker community.. Maybe it’s time for ROM developers to have a “battery pull” equivalent, lets say, holding a combination of buttons (like to access the boot loader)

          4. That would solve things for the most part, I agree. However,Ive had situations when the phone ended up powered down and would not turn back on without a pull. Im not sure anything BUT a pull would work in that scenario. Unfortunately, I agree that oems aren’t going to change things for a relatively small user base.

          5. Just holding the power button for 10 seconds sends my Evo Lte into a crash and forces it to reboot. My phone has a non removable battery.

          6. For me it has less to do with pulling the battery than just being able to have a spare. I know when I get my Note 2 I don’t plan to flash anything on it (though I may root it) because i think its fine as it is. That doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be able to swap batteries.

          7. I teach private lessons, and I record everything. Partly for security, partly for my students to be able to watch if they have questions. One day each week, I record for nearly 3 hours. I have two OEM batteries for my SGS, and with all of the non-phone radios off and the screen fully dimmed, I make it with less than 15%. Outlets aren’t an option, as this is a rental studio room that doesn’t have them. So, no, I can’t go without the removable battery. Nor do I really want to. Anyone I’ve ever seen with an iPhone has those stupid battery cases that triple the thickness of the phone. I love having a super slim phone that slides out easily, and a battery that takes up very little space of its own.

          8. Slip this baby in your back-pack, or whatever, and you’ll be fine.. lol

            But seriously, yeah, you would need a removable battery..but phones like the Razr Maxx, with 3000+ mAh batteries should last ya hours of use..

          9. get a small rechargeable battery pack for your phone.

          10. he was talking about the UI

          11. Well, the guy’s actual complaint matches mine…sd-card and battery. He had already said that it was nothing a launcher couldn’t fix…

    2. too bad it dint come with Jelly bean right out of the box. as we all know LG’s update track record isnt the best, this device will prob get jelly bean a year from now for all anyone knows.

    3. Does it have notification light?

    4. This looks so much sexier than the LG Optimus Nexus (on the leaked pics at least). I wish one could flash this pretty thing with Nexus FW and recieve Google Updates.
      I love how there is no space wasted beneath the screen! Just the capacitive buttons and that’s it!

  2. thats pretty sexy. and glad to hear that it will likely be the next nexus

  3. I watched this to prepare my body for the Google LG Optimus Nexus G Prime thingy.

    1. My body’s always ready.

  4. It is important to note the device is very thing and light

    It is supposed to be thin right? :P nice typo

  5. It’s kind of amazing that the main gripe is the LG UI, while everyone is anxiously awaiting a Nexus.
    Just give us what we want – a phone with stick android! Nobody wants your extras! They cost you money and are something everyone is generally unhappy about. At least make the extras optional.

    1. My main gripe is that it’s missing the SD Card slot and the removable battery

      1. The LG has an SD card slot

        1. It doesn’t, not according to the video above, and not according to any of the spec leaks. The video shows a micro USB, not SD card slot. And as the back is non-removable, you’d have to have a slot somewhere along the edges. No such slot exists in the video above.

          1. I probably misheard Chavez, my mistake.

          2. Sprint version doesn’t have a slot, ATT does. There are other differences between the two as well (such as a 13mp vs 8mp camera)

  6. This phone looks SO slick and fast and sturdy. I don’t see why people are complaining that there will be a Nexus version of this phone with stock Android!

  7. Wait… So the US version doesn’t have the S4 PRO? just a regular S4?

    1. It has the S4 Pro.

  8. Where’s the polarized glass back? i guess only certain models have it

  9. is it the 5 or 11 ping MHL connector on bottom? Any word on USB OTG capabilities (ala SGS3)?

  10. Don’t tell me this still comes with ICS?

  11. LG just keeps on with that crappy little slot external speaker, STOP IT LG!

  12. Galaxy S3 felt much cheaper…lol Optimus G is pretty much twice the cost of GS3.

  13. I’m starting to think there’s a conspiracy going on to disallow rooting/flashing by taking away our removable batteries.. Anyone else feel me on this?

    1. WTF does the battery have to do with rooting? You don’t NEED a to do a physical “battery pull” to hard reset any android device and you never have. The button combos have always worked and are faster even on devices with removable batteries.

  14. Can you guys rewrite this article? There are so many spelling and grammar errors.

  15. The Note 2 is sexier than this! And has an sd slot with removable battery.

  16. My only question is how is the battery life?

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