Android 4.1.2 comes to Nexus 7, AOSP


A minor update to Jelly Bean has hit the Android Open Source Project today and is also making its way to the Nexus 7. Marked as Android 4.1.2, the new software version is described as minor, mostly consisting of bug fixes and other small tweaks. The most notable change for owners of the N7 is newly-enabled landscape functionality.

The 4.1.2 update to Jelly bean was recently spied running on a device claimed to be LG’s Nexus phone, and it very well could be the software the handset launches with. We can also expect it to make its way to the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, and Motorola XOOM shortly enough.

[Engadget via Google]

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  1. i now have no reason to leave stock

    1. You had no reason before, then. Nova rotated just fine.

  2. I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, so I’ll get this on the day after Half Life 3 comes out.

    1. You Sir are way too optimistic don’t ya think :p

    2. haha :)

    3. heh. I’ll get this as soon as Pete updates his BB rom which is just stock ASOP Android. So quit bitching .. root your phone and update as they come out. Break the VZW apron strings. ;)

  3. Already beat landscape lockdown on day one, still this is a good thing for those less tech saavy

  4. Im so glad im rooted! Now i will be 1 of the first on verizon runnin this new build. It feels so good not waiting on verizon for this update.

    1. Newbie question. If my Nexus 7 is rooted now (CWM and SuperSU via adb), will the update be automatically pushed to me? And will updating remove root?

      1. No. You will need to find a ROM that has 4.1.2 or wait for someone to post the rooted stock version of 4.1.2. You have to have the stock recovery to get pushed updates.

        1. Thanks for the reply. My N7 is asking me to update, though. Same things as this: I’m not going to do it — yet, anyway.
          As far as I can tell:
          My bootloader is unlocked. This will not change with a simple update.
          My recovery image is CWM.
          My ROM is stock.
          I have root, SuperSU, Root Checker confirms the root.

          However, I’m not sure that I completed the “Prevent Recovery Overwrite” portion of the update. The details are listed out here:

  5. Hahaha, wow. I feel bad for those that didn’t root before hand. Tablet UI is so much better than phablet UI. Plus we’ve been landscaping for a while now without much problems…

    1. Uh…? Not really. I actually like Phablet UI. And yes I have tried using Tablet UI. IDK why, but I prefer Phablet.

  6. I don’t get what the big deal is about landscape mode. Isn’t everybody running Apex launcher?

    1. Nova FTW.

      1. Nova with touch wiz icon pack

    2. I think the point is to use Google’s :)

    3. Contrary to your thoughts, I had a co-worker who actually didn’t even care about all those custom launchers. He didn’t use them for what they were worth, so he didn’t want them bogging down his memory. He used stock with some auto-rotate app.

    4. If I remember correctly, running Apex launcher would mean setting up my homescreens all over again, which to me isn’t worth doing for something as small as this.

  7. Wow. I never knew that the N7 didn’t have landscape view. I’d have been dissapointed as hell if I’d gotten one (not that I wouldn’t root it any damn way but still).

    1. It’s landscape on the home screen. The N7 will do this just fine in any app that can use it. Again, it’s just for the home screen when you have no apps open. :)

  8. Finally a landscape home screen! Rotate app is laggy as hell.

  9. am i crazy or arethe SW buttions smaller?

  10. I’m confused – it looks like Sense UI with that clock…did someone grab a screen from an HTC device with landscape sense?

    1. thats an app. HD Widgets I believe.

  11. Still waiting here. Nexus 7. I’ll give it a few days.

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