Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE headed to UK’s Everything Everywhere October 15


Folks in the UK can already pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on one of several carriers offering the handset, but we can add one more to the list. Everything Everywhere has announced that they will carry the phone come October 15th. So why is it worth waiting a couple extra weeks rather than purchasing the Note 2 now? EE is the country’s first 4G LTE network, and — you guessed it — will carry the LTE-enabled version of the phone.

The catch is that the LTE network won’t go live until October 30th, so those wishing to pick up the phone when it launches will have to make do with a service plan from Orange or T-Mobile UK with the option to switch to an EE plan when available.

[via PocketLint]

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  1. Meh. Maybe next year if LTE has made it out of the cities.

  2. I’m eager to find out if this is compatible with AT&T LTE here in the States. I’d rather import one than buy it here.

    1. It’s not, UK LTE is 1800mhz. Also you would be paying at least £500 sim free without shipping

      1. Ah well. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. man i got all excited i thought it read

    “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE headed to UK Everywhere October 15 ”
    I was all like no way !!!

  4. Just passing over the article, I thought it said “Galaxy Note 2 coming Everywhere Else October 15th”… :(

  5. Strong possibility of me getting this, depends on their 4g price plans though.

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