In face of iPhone 5 and patent trial loss, Samsung Galaxy S3 sales still strong


If Samsung’s loss in a landmark patent infringement trial to Apple wasn’t enough to derail sales of their Galaxy S3 flagship, you would think the launch of the iPhone 5 might put a few more nails in the coffin. But no publicity is bad publicity, as they say, and sales of the Android smartphone have actually surged in the weeka following both events, according to analytics firm Localytics.

According to their research, the number of GS3 handsets accessing mobile apps tied to Localytics analytics platform has seen a 9 percent increase on average since the beginning of August. Further showing that the patent trial with Apple may have only done more to raise public awareness of the phone, new Galaxy S3 devices were up 16 percent during the week that the verdict was announced. In a similar case, the number of Gs3 phones grew by 15 percent during the week of the iPhone 5 announcement.

As BGR points out, perhaps Apple’s trial had the opposite effect intended, painting a picture of the Galaxy S3 as a device so similar to the iPhone that customers wanting a new smartphone decided not to wait for the next version to grace Apple’s mobile lineup. If sales continue to hold steady, they should easily help Samsung recoup some of the $1 billion in damages owed to Apple.

[via BGR]

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  1. Good for Samsung they the only ones besides apple that’s doing we’ll. I’m not a huge fan of android but I so like the htc one series but I guess it wasn’t enough…just look how bad they been doing for the past year

    1. I was a HUGE HTC fan, but their HORRENDOUS customer service with problems I had with my Droid Incredible really turned me off.

      1. Yeah I used to live HTC, they were doing some great things but they started releasing too many phones all so similar. The One series is great and hopefully it takes off a bit more but regardless i’m sticking with either nexus or huge worldwide phones like sgs3 just for sheer support.

        It’s funny though with the whole trial against Samsung because all of my friends who were all about Apple are seriously considering sgs3’s now

  2. That’s because it’s a bad @$$ phone.

  3. Used to be a HTC fan too, loved the OG Evo 4G, then highly disappointed with the Evo 3d… Now I’m just waiting for the next Nexus phone to be announced!

    1. Same here, Nexus 4 (or whatever it’ll be called) all the way.

    2. Same here, I own four 3d’s and disappointed is putting nicely. i will be jumping to the Note 2, no more HTC’s for a while.

      1. Yeah I came from Evo 4G to to Evo 3D to Note LTE and hopefully to Note 2 soon. I didn’t think the 3D was terrible, but it could’ve had some cooler stuff in it I guess.

    3. I love my 3D. All it takes is some custom rom magic and you’ll love yours too.

  4. I wonder what the apple employees were like when they found this out.

  5. They won’t have to pay that $1B yet if they appeal…..And they said they do plan to appeal.

    1. Looks to me, with the recent news on the jury foreman, that the case will be thrown out and re-tried. I’m no expert, but reading on groklaw (where you can read actual case filings and transcripts of what was said in court, not BS being spewed by the juror in the news interviews) it looks pretty cut and dry.

      1. The foreman was a total and complete idiot, and the only reason he chose Apple is this case, is because if he would have chosen Samsung, then his personal patent would have been invalidated by the same logic. So he was protecting his own interests. I have no idea why Samsung did not vote him off the jury…..

        1. According to what I read, both of his patents have expired due to some kind of inaction on his part. The answer to why Samsung did not throw him off is: He lied, mislead, and they could not see what a cancer he would be to the jury. I think the case with him is much simpler, and you covered it in your first few words, he is an idiot. I don’t mean it in a spiteful kind of way. Simply he thought he knew much about patent law, he had an agenda (as he stated to news organizations) to “punish” companies who “behaved “this way, and in the end he really didn’t know what he was talking about. – An idiot.

  6. Meanwhile the iPhone 5 is smaller, thinner, lighter, faster, built better, better materials, better sound quality, better looking, and better battery life.

    I love Jelly Bean, it’s my favorite OS, even running on my old Dinc2. But I’m hoping for the Nexus 4 to be a better device.

    1. Faster? I need to see evidence of that. Deffinately not better looking though.

      You read about the bugs plaguing the iPhone 5? Wifi bug still uses plan data while connected to wifi causing data overages. Camera has a design flaw.

      iFans can’t claim a better device anymore with their inferior technology and own software bugs.

      1. I love how this comment gets voted down when everything i stated is a FACT.

        I said that Jelly Bean is a superior OS, and the wi-fi bug will be fixed i’m sure. Apple maps is a disaster I’d never want to be stuck with iOS 6 as is. However, that in no way means that the iPhone 5 isn’t an amazing piece of hardware with everything I stated above being true.

        1. You are a retard my friend. I actually have both phones and the iPhone 5 is not better in battery life. The processor speed is the same almost on both phone. S3 is a little faster but the new OS on the S3 is way smoother and faster. I bough the iPhone 5 just so I can sell it to retards like you for more money. So I actually love the iPhone 5 and I am very thankful for stupid uneducated people that want to buy and lick my butt in the process.

          1. It is possible to argue you opinion without sounding uneducated you know…

        2. I disagree that what you stated was “FACT”. A lot of it was objective and what could be proven (better battery life, etc.) can also be disproved. Better looking is merely an opinion from your lack of taste. You also have to look at what the phone can do, sure it’s lighter and thinner but it is also 4″ compared to the GS3’s 4.8 and it lacks NFC along with other desired features thereby reducing the weight and thickness. Don’t misconstrue “FACT” as opinion. And what else do you expect? Did you think you were at “Phapple or Apphanle”? Bye troll, you lose.

          1. It’s a shame your so blind by being a fanboy than just a fan of technology. Let me illustrate this for you because I’m bored at work and you’re clearly utterly clueless…

            Battery life – Engadget does excellent reviews which include a rundown test for every phone: GS3 – 9 hours. iPhone 5 – 11 hours (on par with Razr Maxx which is unheard of and that phone requires a huge 3000mAh battery to do what iPhone 5 can do in 1400mAh). Fact.

            Thinner – GS3 is 8.6mm thick. iPhone 5 is 7.6mm thick. Having NFC and some giant display doesn’t change facts.

            Lighter – GS3 weighs 133g. iPhone 5 weighs 112g. Fact.

            Faster – Anantech (reliable source) have done countless benchmarks, the iPhone 5 beat the competition by a significant margin. Fact: http://www.redmondpie.com/iphone-5-performance-benchmarks-detailed-its-the-fastest-smartphone-available-today/

            Better built – iPhone 5 has won countless drop tests. Fact: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57519180-1/which-phone-cracks-up-in-iphone-5-vs-galaxy-s3-torture-test/

            Sound quality – sound quality testing done by Engadget – Fact:

            Batter materials – Aluminum/Gorilla Glass 2 vs. Plastic/Gorilla Glass 2 no further explanation required. Fact.

            Happy? The iPhone 5 is a piece of hardware Android makers should STRIVE for. And I hope the Nexus 4 is an improvement.

          2. “Engadget does excellent reviews”

            Engadget has its mouth wrapped so tightly around Apple’s balls they cannot say anything negative about apple. Have you seen their recent apologist articles?

          3. Even if they weren’t, they don’t have the technical knowledge to be taken seriously. They use tech but they don’t ‘get’ it.

          4. I was about to chime in something similar. Their allegiance is to apple.

          5. SGS3 beats iphone on geekbench 1856 vs 1601 . Remember that SGS3 has higher resolution so more pixels to push.

          6. “Thinner – GS3 is 8.6mm thick. iPhone 5 is 7.6mm thick. Having NFC and some giant display doesn’t change facts.”

            Of course it does and of course it will be lighter than a phone with a bigger screen. You only get points when you are thinner and lighter with the same size. We need something like BMI for heavy people. :)

          7. Oh boy…

    2. Don’t feed trolls people.

    3. built better? We’re talking about the iScuffy with purple camera haze and crappy maps.

  7. S3 all the way. I was down on Samsung after the crappy Nexus, but what a comeback with the S3. I have not had a single issue with the phone since day 1 and compared to my Nexus 7, I actually like touchwiz.

    1. Yeah I’m very pleasantly surprised with Touchwhiz as well.

  8. I do my very best not to be biased against Apple, but the iPhone 5 was out dated before its release. If they would stop being bullies, they could make deals with people to use some of the cool features they are missing out on. They are going the way of blackberry because they just cant keep up. Albeit because they are too busy trying to push everyone around.

    1. Yes and no. This time they sold alot of iPhones, but i suspect for the iPhone 6, there will be less people standing in line.

      1. But they were sold to the sheep.

        1. Ya true, but I wonder if new customers are dumbing themselves down? Hopefully it’s just all the old iSheep from the 90’s and no new customers.

        2. They aren’t total sheep. Steve Jobs left a strong legacy of attention to detail (if not actual innovation) and they assumed it would continue after he died.

    2. I also try to not be biased and in most ways you’re right. They are behind. I do feel for some reason that their ecosystem is more tightly knit than the google ecosystem, meaning gmail, drive, music etc.

      1. I don’t like ecosystems. You feel you can invest in all kinds of proprietary crap and then you get burned once they decide to change the format, like Apple did with their lightning plug. There are even cars with built in ipod music systems and they won’t work anymore, even with the $30 adapter.

    3. Apple GREW their marketshare the last qtr., and had the largest percentage of growth of any platform (2.4%): http://mobile.dudamobile.com/site/wirelessweek_1?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wirelessweek.com%2FNews%2F2012%2F10%2Fdevices-Apple-Gains-Market-Share-Despite-iPhone-5-Anticipation%2F#2752
      Yep….just like Blackberry

      The ignorance on this site is absolutely astonishing…

      1. Youre the ignorant one and you need to work on your reading comprehension. Youre the only one talking about market share. I was compaining them by saying Apple isnt keeping up with how technology is moving because they are too busy suing everybody.

  9. I used to be a die hard HTC fan as well. I had the G1, Nexus One, and the HTC Sensation 4G. what really pissed me off with HTC was the One S. when I was gonna suck it up and buy it, Samsung announced the GS3 and since then, im now a Samsung loyalist! my GS3 is the best phone ive ever had and I can honesty see myself keeping this for atleast two years

    1. Yeah I was pretty into the Evo line for the first two flagships but once they announced the Note LTE I GTFO.

  10. been htc since the g1 then mytouch then mytouch slide then mt4g and sensation (evolte) now ONE S
    im thinking of going note 2 when it drops , would i be disappointed in touchwiz? i love sense
    who els has switched

  11. In face of iPhone 5 and patent trial loss, Samsung Galaxy S3 sales still strong: Was there ever any doubt that this would be so. If ANYthing, the trial INCREASED Samsung’s sales.

    1. according to apple, galaxy is the best iphone yet

  12. assuming they dont win there appeal ( which all signs point to they will)

  13. Speaking of the GS3, anyone else find having the power button directly across from the volume control annoying as hell?!?

    I love the phone, but that has always been a flaw for me.

    1. better than having the power button on top like Motorola’s. When i pick up my phone, my finger is already near the power button on GS3. When the power button is on top, I had to stretch my hand, to find the power button on top.

      1. Well, I would MUCH prefer the power button on top or above the volume. Almost every time I try to use the power button, I also hit the volume – and vis versa.

  14. This could be an indicator that iPhone has reached a saturation point and they’re just rolling existing customers to the next version and not really signing up many new iPhone users.

    1. ^ this ^

    2. Yeah I’ve only heard of a few people that I know going from dumbphone to iPhone. Maybe one or two over the last year. I’ve heard more people switching ecosystems really.

      1. This is one of the things about Samsungs commercials that rings true. Since the iPhone is seen as being the most user friendly, anyone coming from a dumb phone, or any elderly looking to get into a smartphone thats where they go.

  15. Something else that the trial did was show to many, the ethics that drive Apple. There are a lot of people who won’t support such behavior.

  16. im a waiter at a restaurant, i cant tell you how many customers come in with galaxy S3s. sooo many.

  17. My s3 should be arriving this friday …. fawk apple.

  18. Oh oh oh i want 2 year tech give me an iphone fack apple i will keep my rooted razr maxx

  19. Well looks like the lawsuit backfire and helping the Galaxy S3.

  20. There are products that sell because they are good (S3) and there are product that sell because they are marketed good (Apple iOS), although Samsung did advertise quiet a bit for the S3, it was necessary.

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