Sharp begins production of 5 inch 1080p displays designed for smartphones


With the vast amount of innovation we’ve seen in the mobile space over the past few years you’d think these companies have already achieved everything under the sun, but Sharp is looking to push the bar even further now.

5 inch+ phones are nothing new thanks to the first phone of that size — the Dell Streak — and the decidedly more popular Samsung Galaxy Note, but to date those phones haven’t been able to achieve screen resolutions higher than 720p.

Sharp has been working to change that, however, with a 5 inch 1080p HD display designed to be used in smartphones, and it looks like they’re finally ready to go into production. With a 1920×1080 resolution and a pixel density of 443 this should be one of the most sharp looking (no pun intended) displays there are.

Sharp does produce its own line of Android smartphones but like Samsung it has no problem offering components to competitors. We could see these displays in major smartphones by the beginning of next year, though we expect adoption rate to be a tad slow.

OEMs would have to consider the cost of the display, and we imagine most of them are living happily enough with 720p solutions at the helm. It’s exciting news regardless, and it gives us yet another glimpse at what to expect from the mobile space in 2o13.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I don’t get the point. After 300 ppi it’s just diminishing returns. Overkill.

    1. implying you don’t want to see a 443…. A hennessy viper has 1,000 horse and no one will ever be able to get that horsepower to the ground but dammit if I don’t want to drive one…

    2. Especially when the GPU can’t push it and it’s all choppy and games and apps look all weird

      1. then they should make better GPUs :)

    3. This depends ENTIRELY on how close you can get your nose to the display. Over 300 ppi is overkill for a desktop display where you are 24″ away or so. If you can focus down to 7″ (and a lot of people can), it is most certainly not overkill.

      What I wonder is if these new super displays (which I want for sure) are only coming 16×9. Or will anyone make a 1920×1200? Is the market for that too small? Samsung switched to 16×9 – maybe that is what everybody wants. Oh well.

  2. Awesome can’t wait! GS4 with a 1080 screen would be sweet!

    1. Still not a fan of the 5″ size, though, and GS4 is rumored to have 5″, too.

  3. Hell yeah! Gives me another reason to spend money on new toys!!!!!!!!!! Damn, now I can’t wait till the end of 2013. I wish I could fast forward like in the movie click

    1. You’d probably skip forward until you’re dead, too, because technology will always improve.

  4. Completely agree with you NB. It’s just basically at the point where people are going to throw their money at the device because on paper, the specs are better. 1080p is just pointless on such a small screen. That’s why you pretty much don’t find 1080p on many TVs at or below 32″.

    1. >.> the battery life is going to be horrible either they sacrifice another 2-3 hours of battery life which at this point with 4g LTE will only leave us with 3-4 hours on heavy use or they make the phone chunky.

      1. I have a gnex. I’m already used to 3-4 hour battery life. I turn off lte and 3g data unless I need one or the other and use WiFi whenever possible and the extended battery to make it through a day and a half. He’ll even with that, I never see more than 4 hours onscreen time

        1. i have a gnex also and i hate the battery life, ofcourse some of the newer devices have up to 10 hours battery and the Droid Razr Maxx HD has up to 20 but adding a 1080p display will take us back to 2011 again instead of improving the battery life further.

  5. Sharp is living up to its name.

  6. At this rate people are going to be walking around with phones the size of a Kindle Fire by 2014.

  7. Keep away from Apple. Don’t license to them, or else they’ll claim it’s their Retina HD display.. taking full credit.

  8. It would be nice for bragging rights, but it seems that it’s not very important on such small screens.
    If I have the choice between a 720p phone with great battery life / camera / build quality, and a 1080p phone with mediocre battery life / camera / build quality, I’ll take the 720p phone any day.

    1. At five inches though the phone will have plenty of room for a big battery. I mean look at the Note 2.

  9. “Sharp does produce its own line of Android smartphones” I didn’t realize this ?

    1. In Japan.

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