Google to buy face recognition company Viewdle


Google went on a bit of a shopping spree as they’ve snapped up another technology firm that should help them in a few different areas. It’s being reported that Google has purchased Viewdle, a software firm that specializes in facial recognition technology. Facial recognition is nothing new — in fact, there is a face unlock feature in Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — but there’s no secret that there is always room for improvement.

Unfortunately we can’t be too sure of Google’s reason to want them, but an automatic tagging system for Google’s social sites like Picasa and Google+ quickly come to mind. The news has not yet been confirmed by either party, and even when/if it does go down Google and Viewdle might not be interested in disclosing too many details. Any other thoughts as to why Google would want Viewdle? Make your thoughts known in the comments below.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. face unlock was available on 4.0 and above.
    I do hope this has nothing to do with facebooks bullscheiser

  2. Good Face Recognition would be an AWESOME feauture for Project Glass. You could identify people just like terminator or something! Great :D

    1. Don’t give Google ideas! wait…it’s inevitable.

      1. hahahahahaha….Too late our cyber overlords are coming for us :p

    2. Haha, that would be awesome. I’m terrible with names

      1. I’m terrible with names too. Of course it’s coming. It’s just a question of time…

    3. Google is self-aware!

  3. …sidewalk tacos…

    1. Your Avatar = AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Viewdle not only deals in facial recognition but object and gesture based recognition as well. After viewing the company’s website, Google could use this to enable control of android devices without physical interaction with the device and to enhance the possibility of logging into multiple user’s profiles for one device via facial recognition. The possibilities could be endless.

    1. I agree, excellent possibilities. I think gestures count as physical interaction though as you physically are still required to physically do something.

  5. sounds like a patent play, and a good one at that.

  6. ^ Her hair looks gross

  7. obviously

  8. It could be used to improve and be added to the new Nexus this year with a multi user accounts!!!

  9. Project glass! I suggested that feature! I know it’s creepy but it’s just so cool.

  10. Google glasses 8)

  11. There is one and only one reason to acquire a company that does what Google already does fairly well… get it before Apple does. Google needs to buy up as many innovative and forward thinking companies as possible so Apple can’t. That way Google can be taking us into the future while Apple adds more rows of icons.

  12. This is also about the touch free gestures. Android needs that.

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