Google finally edges Microsoft’s market cap, still has insurmountable climb to best Apple


Today marks one historical event that Google will probably be celebrating. For the first time ever, Google now has a market cap higher than rival Microsoft’s. Investors pushed Google about $1 billion ahead of the Washington tech giant with $248.82 billion for Google and $247.23 billion for Microsoft as of the time of this writing.

Google is said to have reached this point because of their ability to offer a multitude of successful computing products, most of which are designed to drive internet traffic back into Google’s bread and butter: ads and search.

No one can deny Google’s meteoric rise to dominance in the smartphone space with Android. After contributing to the efforts that made Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS nearly irrelevant, and after overtaking its biggest competitor Apple, Google has created a place for themselves in one of the most important technological markets there is.

Mobile is so big that Apple currently commands a staggering $617.76 billion market cap, much of which the iPhone is responsible for.

Apple doesn’t hold much weight in desktop computing compared to Microsoft, but its status as both software and hardware vendors, its hugely lucrative iTunes business, and its aforementioned mobile success alongside strong brand loyalty will make it difficult for Google to hit that next milestone. Apple would have to purposely sabotage its own company to come down from that pedestal anytime soon.

Regardless, today’s milestone is no doubt big for Google. Even if it turns out to be short lived, this changing of the guard will forever be acknowledged as the moment where Microsoft finally realized that mobile computing and a focus on strong internet services is just as important as the traditional desktop model. [via Financial Times]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Seeing that Apple has 3x the current shares in circulation than Google it would be hard to imagine Google stock hitting $2200 a share. With that said if there were a Google stock split and the shares climbed back to current price Google would be $120 billion short of Apple.

    1. i would get GOOG stocks if it were @~200. Split GOOG Stock X4. Then let it climb.

      1. A split doesn’t mean it will climb.

  2. Nice article go google

  3. history is made lol

  4. Could you imagine a 3 for 1 Google stock split?

    1. or 4 for 1, then let it climb back up to $750

  5. “Apple would have to purposely sabotage its own compan…” *cough* Apple Maps *cough*

      1. Fanboys are always making excuses. Truth be told it is effecting sales. We offer iPhones to our users at work and this has swayed the opinion of many average users. Well about 19 to be exact. While it means nothing to most, mass media has made it beyond noticeable. Oh and cute username – btw the only thing droid doesnt do it suck like and iPhone.

        1. Typical fandroid response….as if the few people that you are surrounded by is somehow relevant. The truth is the iPhone is sold out everywhere and preorder deliveries are pushed back 2-3 weeks. Nobody buys iPhones bcuz of Google Maps…get over yourselves

          1. Being sold out everywhere would be SO much more impressive if the expected production wasn’t behind from the start. I’d say you would be correct that people don’t buy iPhone for Google Maps, but Apple’s reaction to the backlash may cause some to not consider iPhones for a while instead.

          2. supply problems…maybe because of the foxconn riots

          3. 19 is actually quite a few. Honestly I dont think you could name 19 people that respect you or your opinion. Personal bashing aside though – Mass media is what gave Apple its rise. Sure word of mouth plays a nice little role into it but Mass Media starts trends. Your argument about being sold out holds no weight either. You know both the 8 and 16gb versions of the Nexus 7 are backordered right. Several weeks out for those devices as well. Is that the best tablet of all time then? “Nobody buys iPhones because (fixed that in case you didnt know how to spell it) of Google Maps…” umm yes they do, or at least did. Having a mapping application is one of the reasons why you choose a smart phone over a flip phone. Even if its the smallest reason why, its still a reason. Thanks for taking the time to create an account on Phandroid, also thanks for supporting the site monetarily by allowing ads to show on your screen.

            Edit – Fixed a typo. Meant Nexus 7 not Galaxy Nexus

  6. in·sur·mount·a·ble/ˌinsərˈmountəbəl/Adjective:Too great to be overcome: “an insurmountable problem”.Synonyms:insuperable – invincible – overwhelming – unconquerable

    There’s no such thing as insurmountable when it comes to making money. 50 years ago it was believed that no company would ever be worth a billion dollars. Look how that worked out….

    1. Tell ’em dude…..

  7. *shrug*, at one point many ifans said the same about apple’s iphone lead over android phones. Next up, tablets. Then google can overtake valuation.

  8. Apple is not ‘THAT’ far…..(sure they are far, but Google’s gains will likely be like in the mobile space and come at Apple’s expense. So the point at which Google will overtake Apple (if it happens) will not be at where Apple is currently)

  9. Im glad I bought Google stock back in the day. Just wish I bought more now.

  10. end of his month, my wallet and money belong to apple too. bye bye my gn.

    1. Why? And don’t say because things are lagging and always slowing down and apps crashing, because this can also happening on iPhones too. Don’t lie and say it doesn’t. LoL!!

      1. Less than 2hrs of screen time on 4g and heating up. Also charging it 3 times per day is annoying. I was going to get the s3, but I played around on my brother’s s3, not much of improvement that interest me. So at the end, I’m going to give i5 a try. Don’t want to be a frog living inside a well for the rest of my life.

        1. If you’re getting that kinda stuff, then yea. Change that mofo. LoL!!
          I don’t want to go back to Apple. I really see Android and iOS on par. I just think I get more for my money on Android with cosmetic advantages. And I detest how Apple throws all your apps on your screen. I’ve lost apps before.

          And I’ve never had that horrible battery life before. I’m always charging once a day. But ever phone is different. I learned that from rooting.

          1. Everyone’s usage is different. I tried out a lot of different roms and kernels, but it only gave very little noticeable changes.

        2. I got 20 hours out of my Gnex. Usually 3-4 hours of screen on. Never overheated. My S3 is about the same but performance wise it kicks the Gnex’s ass.

  11. I’d hate to be within chair-range of Steve Ballmer right now.

  12. Google is a software company. Apple is a hardware AND software company. If Google gets in front of Apple, this will be an amazing feat. Well done Goog, keep up the good work. Don’t be evil though.

    1. Well with what they did with the Nexus 7, I don’t think wii have to worry about that. You do know that the Nexus 7 is under priced, right?

      1. I think the cost to build is a few dollars off the price tag, giving them a very small margin of profit.

        1. That’s what I’m trying to get at. Google had a device for the consumer. So you “shouldn’t” have to worry about them being evil.

          I mean, if Google goes evil all hope is lost. They have way too much knowledge on me.

          1. Google was founded with the Motto “Don’t be Evil”. Hopefully they stick to that Motto.

          2. If I were saying, “Don’t be evil”, remember this: I’m telling YOU not to be evil, but I’m not saying anything about ME!

          3. Here’s a link to Google’s explanation of it:

  13. Its crazy how much apple has grew lately I mean I never thought on a day to day I would work on more Macs then PC’s but I do now days and I don’t get it I have even asked some of these kids why they got them and they just went um its apple lol

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