Texas Instruments still plans to deliver OMAP 5 processors


Though Texas Instruments plans to downsize their mobile operations and shift focus towards embedded processors in other products such as cars, the company says the release of their OMAP 5 platform will go forward as planned. TI clarified that development will go forward on the processor and while they did not provide a release timeframe, most reports point towards early 2013 for the Cortex A15 chipset.

It initially wasn’t clear what the status of OMAP 5 was in light of TI’s newly announced plans, but it would have been a shame to see the chipset squandered away this far along in development. Elements of the latest OMAP platform will no doubt find their way into future TI endeavors, but the bump in power the fifth generation chip will provide would be sorely missed from smartphones and tablets.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I wouldn’t expect any different

  2. This is so sad.. I’ve heard lots good things about omap and I’d love to try it I just don’t want a Motorola…

  3. It’s clear that the company wants out of the mobile processing industry when their model is using a Droid X upside down.

    1. I literally laughed out loud when i seen that. That’s Awesome!

  4. Gnex has omap imo it is way better than snapdragon smooth as silk

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