NFL Pro 2013 coming soon to Android [VIDEO]


We’re three weeks into the controversial 2012 NFL season, but Gameloft’s approaching it with an “it’s never too late” attitude with its latest announcement. They’ve uploaded a new trailer for NFL Pro 2013, and although the game is available for iOS Android users will have to wait for a little while longer before we can get in on the hand-egg fun.

Unfortunately Gameloft didn’t mention when, exactly, it would be headed to the Google Play Store. We can expect this game to be free when it lands, though, and the developers will look to make their money using in-app purchases.

One scenario we imagine they implemented is buying XP and coins with real money to upgrade your players, stadium, and more. It looks like you’ll also be able to earn XP on the field, but that grind is most likely going to be a lot more grueling.

You can play as every single one of the 32 teams in the NFL, and you can even edit playbooks so you can get to the plays you like faster.

It looks pretty decent for what it is, though no one should be swapping out Madden for it (that’s not to say Madden is perfect, but it’s no slouch either). For a free game it doesn’t get much easier to bite the bullet on the download, though. Take a look above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. No real player names and it looks about as good as Madden 64…meh, I’ll likely pass, but the initial price tag at least looks good.

  2. why can’t they make a decent baseball game

  3. Looking forward to this

  4. I purchased Madden 2012. It worked fine on my GSII. Then it disappeared from my device, the market said it was incompatible with the GSII which is bulls**t. EA has my money and I have a useless link to my game.

  5. Already available for my iPhone! ;-)

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