Halfbrick Studios Jetpack Joyride Is Now Finally Available For Android Via Google Play Store


It’s finally here, guys! I have to say, I’ve been waiting quite awhile for the folks at Halfbrick to release their iOS smash-hit, Jetpack Joyride, in the Google Play Store. Released a few weeks ago on the Amazon App Store, tonight’s the first night Android users who like to keep to the regular Play Store can finally get in on the high-flying fun.

The game plays partly like many of the runner games you’re no doubt used to, with your character continuously advancing across a level. Players will have to carefully navigate levels, pressing the screen to keep the main character — Barry Steakfries — up in the air. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate — just get to downloading Jetpack Joyride for free right now from the Play Store.

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. The game has been available for WEEKS on the Amazon app store…

    1. But the Amazon App store sucks. I know from personal experience that I get updates much faster from the play store, plus I’d rather not have yet another useless app taking upi RAM space in the background

      1. It doesn’t matter what your opinion is of the app store. My point is that the game has been around for Android longer than the author thinks.

        1. Yeah, my kids have been playing it for probably two weeks as well.

          Hey Chris, they should let you out more. You might wanna change that to “finally on Google Play…”

          1. What’s an “Amazon?” And yeah, updated post to emphasize first time availability IN THE PLAY STORE. :p

          2. U can never win huh Chris. Some ppl these days.

          3. @google-e2ad47bc72925a1b0609be5e0941f331:disqus Uhhh, Beavis. He was being funny. You know…as in “haha”…? Lighten up!

      2. It doesn’t suck that much. You can get youtube downloader. You know you want it :)

    2. Yes true, but there are people who live outside of the US who cannot get access to the Amazon App Store.

      1. But that really wasn’t the point.

        1. First time it’s available for EVERYONE. Not just those weird kids with the Amazon App Store installed O_o

          1. or Kindle users

          2. C’mon… Kindle? This is an Android blog :p

          3. Best comment EVER!

          4. See, you should have used that in the first place! We all know you’re a closet Amazon App Store user trying to earn street cred with the “kewl kids”.

            Don’t worry, though. You’re secret is safe with me. :D

  2. This is the greatest game EVER

      1. Correction. You BOTH really need to get out more :)

        1. I get out… of my parent’s basement sometimes. I go upstairs. Only when the sun goes down O_o

          1. That’s when you fly out the window and look for blood to drink.

          2. *looks for ari_free*

          3. That’s not the only thing he’s trying to suck ^_^

          4. Lmao

  3. Holy crap this is a good one too!

  4. Games been out for a while. Amazon market

    1. Really? This makes me wonder…

  5. It’s about time!

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