Samsung says remote wipe hack already addressed in recent Galaxy S3 update


A malicious hack that uses a USSD exploit to remotely wipe Samsung handets running the custom TouchWiz interface has already been resolved for at least one smartphone, according to the Korean manufacturer. Samsung released a statement saying the vulnerability has already been addressed with a recent update to the Galaxy S3 and is urging users to update their phones to the latest official software build.

“We would like to assure our customers that the recent security issue concerning the GALAXY S III has already been resolved through a software update. We recommend all GALAXY S III customers to download the latest software update, which can be done quickly and easily via the Over-The-Air (OTA) service.”

Samsung made no mention of a security patch for other handsets affected by the exploit, which include the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy Advance. We expect updates will arrive shortly to address the issue for those devices.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Just tried it. What about my phone Samsung?

  2. Damn. So much for using this as an excuse to throw AOSP on my wife’s SIII.


    The one time I would love for them to act like a large bureaucratic corporation…they go and act all nimble. Bastards.

    1. Just find an article talking about the exploit and show that to her. Don’t show her this news. By the time she finds out about it, she will have already fallen in love with an AOSP ROM.

  3. Which update so we can check?

  4. Thanks Sammy for taking care of all your customers. O wait, you only took care of your GSIII owners. My bad. How about a fix for my Blaze?

  5. And that leaves every other Android phone not upgraded to Jelly Bean vulnerable. AOSP is the way to go. Timely updates is needed, not waiting for the carrier to update.

  6. I have SG3 with ATT and I have not received this OTA update!!!

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