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It’s only the day after Dyzplastic’s Android Collectibles Series 03 were finally released and the Dead Zebra Shop has been cleaned out of every last one. We’ve shown you all the known collectibles you’ll can find inside each box, but what about the mysterious rare Androids? Well, after going through a few boxes (he’s a collector) a friend of mine was able to dig up the 3 possible rares. Here’s what he found.

The first 2 are actually color variations of each other designed by Scott Tolleson. The orange is named “Agent Argh,” and the green “Agent Rawr.” The one with all his insides exposed for the world to see is called “Inner Working,” and is designed by KRONK (who also did the “Escape Ape” collectible).

Remember, there’s only 1 chance to nab one of these rares in each box set and given that all of Series 03 (like the rest before it) comes in blind boxes, these will prove exceptionally tough to obtain by collectors. As I mentioned before, the Dead Zebra Shop is currently sold out (for now), but you can visit the link below to find a specialty retailer in your area carrying the Series 03 box set.

But wait — there’s more. The Dead Zebra Shop has also added 2 new tee’s from Andrew Bell’s Android Foundry: Circuit and Anderoids. Each tee will run you $22 and will allow you to show the world your Android pride. I’m having a tough time deciding which I like most and trying to talk myself out of ordering both.

Tell me, Phandroids, which of the rare collectibles do you like the best? How about the AF tees?

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