Motorola takes a hit at inferior Apple Maps


Apple Maps has really taken some bashing since the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. While the Cupertino Giant has been promising an impressive experience with its new Maps and navigation services, everyone has been rather disappointed.

Apple Maps is many times wrong about locations and directions, and the satellite images can look very distorted. Of course, the competition is not taking Apple’s move lightly. Especially Android manufacturers still using Google Maps, which Apple decided to dump with iOS 6. And now we even have Motorola going at it.

We must remember Motorola is under Google’s control, so in a way, this is also Google reminding Apple of the great services customers had with Google Maps. Now iPhone users are “iLost”. In this image, we have the Motorola RAZR M compared to the iPhone 5. It speaks for itself, so enjoy and sound off in the comments to tell us what you think of the new Apple Maps.

[Source: Motorola (Google+)]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. I used google maps on my ipod touch since my phone was too laggy. But IOS maps is so bad that I chose the lagginess over it

  2. I am having so much happiness over the iMediocre’s map problems! None of my annoying iSheep friends have had word one to say to me about how great the phone is!

    1. Isn’t it nice! Lol

    2. Motorola took it to them hard :) It put the droid razr m as an example, people can compare how gorgeous the M look aside the boring i phone.

  3. Is it just me or does that phone on the left look disproportionate and ugly? Also, why can’t we log into the phandroid app with our Goog account?

    1. It’s not cheap plastic so I’m sure it looks weird to you freetards.

      1. Razr M/i is made out of kevlar and aluminum so you fail.

        1. Its called “iFail”

          1. I believe he said left so shouldn’t it be the cr@pple junk or did he edit that part later on ?

      2. Sorry Zac, you’re iLost…. your iFoney maps directed you to an Android site when you should be on crApple sites.

        1. Actually he should stop using his parents’ money to buy expensive iToys

      3. Even the cheapest plastic-y android phone can at least locate the right address for you. You can be enamored with your phone and be perpetually lost if that suits you. LOL. iLost. love it. It just double underlines what we’ve been saying for years, apple is just no good when it comes to software and web services. They haven’t got a clue and should just stick to hardware because that is all they know. This map thing is the best they can do???? so so sad.

    2. I watched a video on YouTube and both the 4S and the 5 were being compared side by side. The iPhone 5 appears elongated, stretched out. Hopefully Apple just sticks to rectangles for every new phone they come out with.

      1. That should be law, all of their phones should be a rectangle, since they own the patent on that. “Do you make iPhone 6 longer? Is it even possible? Maybe extend the width by .2 mm?” Now THAT would really take a genious for them to figure out.

  4. It’s sad that Apple lets this rivalry get in the way of the consumer experience. It’s one of the things that started its downfall in the 90’s. I hope they don’t continue down that path. I like the competition and anything that takes away from Apple making better and pushing Android is bad IMHO.

    1. Agreed! I’m afraid that since the iPhone is so lack luster this year, that innovation might slow down on the Android front. Especially in the hardware department.

      1. Nah, OEM’s are aware that Android consumers demand the best, they will not start disappointing.

        1. If that was true, new os updates would be a higher priority!

          1. Jelly Bean was barely any different from ICS. I don’t think Android will be changing much over the next few years, because it’s pretty solid already.

          2. We need that butter. It’s not a ‘feature’ but it’s something people really expect to have in a consumer device.

          3. Of coarse. But that was a very small change from ICS. Compared to previous version differences.

          4. Yeah but it was the one thing that Apple fans like to hammer in against Android.

          5. what do you mean by butter?

          6. Project Butter in jellybean

          7. Ok! Did you mean that before android was buggy and isheeps used to use that against the android users?

          8. Jelly Bean is 4.1 – Google aren’t pretending that it’s a major upgrade. When they bring out 5.0, the differences will be big enough to justify the number change.

          9. Lucky for us Google is always innovating. I wouldn’t be suprised if the next version of Key Lime Pie is going to knock our socks off.

          10. What can it possibly have? Yes it will probably be better optimized for battery, for notifications, but it’s a really good system right now, why would they make massive changes to something that works good?

          11. When will that be available ? I have a feeling mid 2013.

          12. It is solid indeed but Matias Duarte said he is only 1/3 done with it. So, it seems there is plenty more he plans to continue evolving Android.

          13. Though I do respect Duarte, think about it, what more can Android get that we want? Hardware would be the only thing to have drastic changes, the software is pretty close to ideal. When new versions of Android roll out, there will be minute changes. No more major overhauls like after Donut, Froyo, Gingerbread.

          14. I don’t know. I’m not Matias nor do I design software. Clearly he has something in mind for it. If he, as one of the lead people for Android, believes there is more to do, I see nothing wrong with that.

          15. “Though I do respect Duarte, think about it, what more can Android get that we want?”

            “I don’t know, I can imagine quite a bit.” Obligatory Star Wars quote.

            For example, Samsung added split screen and picture in picture. They should be standard features for a multitasking OS.

          16. While I don’t have any specific answers to your question I will say that it seems like you are thinking a bit narrow mindedly. Don’t you WANT to be surprised by some great new features?

          17. Ok fine, I will sit back and wait for Android to WOW me once more :)

          18. And I’ll be waiting too! I sure hope they have some more tricks up their sleeves! I don’t want things to get booorrrriiing!

          19. It gives me good memory when i used to have froyo, even though it was not optimize to be the best it was pretty innovating .

          20. with Windows 8 phone coming, and arm chips going 64bit and dx11 compliant, I think future updates will be somewhere there.

          21. That is why i keep telling people but they do not listen. ICS was the second biggest update froyo being the best upgrade android had. JB is very solid right now.

      2. before you know it Windows phone 8 will be more innovative than the iphone, oh wait I think the new phones already have higher resolution screens by HTC and Nokia.

      3. Agreed

      4. to be honest, I actually think the new iphone5 is pretty damn incredible, cpu/gpu wise. Too bad the aluminum is plagued with chipping issues.


        1. I just wish they had that one feature on the iphone, that they usually do each year that makes the Android OEM’s go in to a frenzy to beat.Yeah, I’m having the same issues with the aluminum on my Evo Lte.

          1. I actually want Apple to have the one extra thing that everyone wants. 4s offered nothing in hardware but at least it had Siri, which everyone else had to have and improve on. This is nothing but catchups and it’s a ‘5’.

          2. Right, and the same with the Retina display the year before! After that screen came out, we started seeing higher resolution displays on Android phones. I hoped that Crapple would have at least come with 1 feature that would keep the Android OEM’s on their toes!

        2. You are blind and also an i sheep. You know nothing about technology.

      5. could not agree more. I wanted apple to come with something nice so android can top it off. Apple do not innovate since 2007 they suck big time.

        1. Exactly! Now we have to rely on Windows Phone to be the competition for Android, because the fruit company is DOA.

          1. Windows are doing great things over there. It will be hard to switch to windows once you have android. Android it is just to nice specially if you have the nexus 7 :) I have it and waiting to get droid razr maxx hd

  5. I thought Apple’s Maps looked very pretty…but it ends there. I don’t really care how pretty a map looks if it can’t get me somewhere properly. Google Maps does not look bad by any means, but Apple Maps does look better, but it doesn’t work. A map is about functionality and more importantly it needs to be ACCURATE. I also can’t get past the not having Street View. Glad I don’t have an iPhone. I use Google Maps a lot for traveling for work (I drive A LOT), so not having a proper navigation tool is not an option. And I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way

      1. What in the name of heaven are the trees doing in the middle of the road?!?!?!?!

        1. It’s an after-effect of thermonuclear war.

        2. Don’t you know what this is? This is the famous Apple Store in NYC. The pride and joy of Apple fans everywhere and they even crapped that one up.

      2. whats with the green stuff? lol.

    1. The new iLost Apple Map looks like a cheap glitchy PSOne game rendering. That is NOT better than Google Maps! What have you been smoking?

      1. I didn’t say Apple Maps was BETTER than Google Maps. I said it LOOKED better and that’s it. Other than the idiotic looking glitches of course (which apparently there are a lot more of than I had realized). If you look at Apple Maps in a lot of areas (DC area for example) it did look pretty. But again, it doesn’t FUNCTION better than Google Maps AT ALL.

    2. apple maps looks horrible. Are you blind?

  6. Lol! (iLost)

  7. womp womp….

  8. Apple has become the new MicroSoft, going after ever increasing profits and screwing their customers with poorly tested software.

    1. Speaking of Microsoft, did they bother to test their new UI with people who are not blind?

      1. I personally think MS’s new interface makes a lot of sense and their phones are extremely intuitive and logical. It does work very well. And if you don’t think the industry also think so you can see very very subtle adoptions of it like google+ app for mobile for example. I’m seeing more and more “metro” like feel and interface being used and I suspect the industry will adopt more of it over the next 12 months. I find that a lot of things on window phones are better than my GN in terms of feel and expected usage. I often find it annoying that I have to drill down so many levels on settings and menus. I like the context zooms on windows 8. Android should adopt that approach to make the OS feel less clustered and overloaded with stuff.

        1. How does this make sense?
          It’s….horrible and gives me eye cancer.

          1. But I have to admit Nokia is still very innovative and pushing the platform forward, unlike Apple.

          2. Its design is aimed at cheap hipsters. I have chronic vertigo, not a severe case, but certain geometrics really make my head spin and the UI here is one of those things I simply cannot look at.

  9. Its been said before, The Beginning of the End for Apple. No ambition on the hardware , no ambition on the software. You can only rest on your previous achievements for so long. SJ was Apple. He can’t be replaced or imitated

    1. In a rational world, yes. But we do not live in a rational world and there are millions who will buy this crap.

      1. And there will be billions people that will buy android devices.

        1. True but all those people on iphone lines don’t even give Android a chance. They just buy the iPhone 5 before they know how it will work.

          Put all the phones together and then decide what to buy. If they end up getting the iPhone because they honestly think it’s better then I would respect their decision.

          1. They know it is inferior, but a lot of people like cameras
            and to take pictures and i phone has that. Most of the iphone sheeps have never seem the best camera device the sony, htc one x and samsung gs2 and 3. We need to rely on windows device to compete with us. IOS is history now.

          2. The camera argument is not valid anymore since nobody can spot the difference between the high end devices nowadays. Maybe in bad lightning but still very hard.

          3. I am agreeing with you. A lot of people love the HTC one x camera and SG3, but those devices take good pictures in good lightning not in low light. They need to work on that. The droid x has the best camera in low light. It was the best device 2010 by the way.

    2. Its a sign that they are letting quality slip through the cracks. A software glitch here and there you can expect. But this product went pass a whooole lot of upper level people and you have to wonder how they could make such a poor decision. My guess is that they are so wired to not be dependent on google that they are willing to cut off their arm.

    3. So true Jobs was their bread and butter. Even at their unveilings the new head of apple fails miserably trying to imitate Jobs on stage.

  10. I still cant get over how weird the new iPhone looks lol

    1. Yeah, the elongated form looks like a caricature of the old iPhone. Quite nasty if you ask me, but all the blogs juts HAD to be breathless about its beauty.

      1. The “Emperor has new clothes” syndrome

  11. Why wouldn’t the ad compare two identical locations? Side by side comparison would be even more powerful than 2 random addresses

    1. Ummmm they are, it’s only the Apple one that got it wrong. Read the inputted address.

    2. That’s the point. The Apple location is wrong.


  13. I really hate Apple and their products, but I’m shocked that they would release such half-baked crap like this. as they continue to release products, each one will exhibit less of Jobs’ influence than the last, until finally their products site none of Jobs’ influence whatsoever. it’s all down hill from here, Apple.

    1. Why? because they know millions of people will still buy it even before checking it out.

      1. Because of jobs’ attention to detail. This is a guy that called up a google founder (forget which one, page maybe?) at like 1am saying the yellow for google on the iphone didn’t look perfect.

        1. Cook doesn’t have Jobs’ attention to detail or his vision. He knows how to put out the cheapest tech for the highest price because he knows he’ll make tons of money that way.

  14. They need to go back to the drawing board

  15. All Android OEMs should run non-stop comparison ads showing why android is better so the ifans can wake up from their illusions.

    1. Sure but will that really help? A vast majority of it’s users don’t give a rats ass about the cons of IOS. As long as it is the software they’re used to and that the “apps are swiping to the left or right” (homescreen), they will continue to love it and defend it. Two different types of users. People that understand tech and people that only care about certain parts of the puzzle.

  16. iLost (my contacts from Gmail) in Facebook. A quasi science fiction about SleezyZaks and other monsters who wreck your business while helping you into their closed gardens that give you no way out because of the lousy maps they provide.

  17. It makes me laugh how Apple have advertised its new maps system as one of the iPhone 5’s big features, yet it is actually a huge downgrade from Google maps. I understand Apple’s maps are still early, thus resulting in plenty of bugs, but when a global company spells “Westminster” as “Westminister”, then it really does bring doubts.

  18. Google is developing (has developed?) a Google Maps app for iOS6, but it isn’t likely that Apple will approve it. Some of the images in this link are hilarious, like the roller coaster bridge in the first picture. I read about it a few days ago, this just happened to be the first link I found.
    I would be shocked if Apple actually approved it, because even the die-hard Apple fanboys know damn well that Apple Maps (or whatever it is they call it) suck. It would do massive damage to Apple’s ego if the majority of it’s users abandoned Apple Maps for Google Maps.

  19. Poor iTards lol. Maybe they are finally going wake up and see how inferior icrap is with its small iscreen and it’s joke of a maps program. Lmfao

  20. Apple maps will be Darwinism at work as iPhone users will be driving off cliffs and bridges, getting hopelessly lost in the wilderness and forced to eat each other for food, etc.

  21. I think somehow Apple was originally developing their maps app by stealing data from Google Maps and that is why Google decided to start charging some people money to use of.

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