Hit iOS game Subway Surfers makes its way to the Google Play Store [VIDEO]


We’re always happy when smash iOS hits make their way to the Google Play Store, and another great one has been added recently. Subway Surfers, a game that ha enjoyed over 25 million downloads in Apple’s App Store, is finally available for Android in the Google Play Store.

The game features never-ending chases as you play as Jake, a tagger who has unsurprisingly attracted some unwanted attention and must run from the police. Jake’s escape route twists and turns through a VERY active subway system.

Players must dodge trains by running on open tracks or jumping on top of them in order to keep things going, and you can even grind on the electrical lines above you using a skateboard.

Collect coins, fly a paint-powered jetpack, and more in this free download. It’s still got a perfect rating in the Google Play Store after nearly 600 ratings so we’d say the community is definitely liking this one. Give it a shot here. [via Mobilsiden (Danish)]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’m not sure how smart that game is, it makes a game of playing around trains and tagging cars, both illegal and dangerous. I know it’s just a game, but people being people, well, you know.

    1. IT’S JUST A GAME what are you like 80?

    2. Yeah, I know, right? Just like the other day I was playing this game, hangman, with my little nephew, and well, you can guess the tragic ending…

      1. lol lol

    3. I love it every time I play GTA because I then go on a murderous rampage of stealing cars and using the services of hookers.

      I had to quit playing Super Mario World though because I burned down my house trying to throw fire balls and I broke my hip when I tied a cape to my neck and jumped off a cliff.

    4. I’m not sure how much fun is there in your life.

  2. That’s cool, delete my comment. It’s pathetic that this site can’t put up an article without a typo in the first damn line.

    1. were still humans. not cyborgs

  3. No thanks, I’ll pass. There is no reason this app needs access to my phone state or be able to retrieve running apps.

    1. I always love it when people read too much into app permissions

      1. True…but not as annoying as someone who doesn’t bother looking at permissions, or worse, sideloads from a sketchy site and f’s up their device…and then complains about it. >.<

      2. My problem with it is there is no need for it other than to get the data and sell it for advertising purposes. The app already includes advertising. If they want to earn more money from the app then charge for it. I’d rather pay for an app that doesn’t gather data about me than use a free app that knows what other apps I use.

        1. If you’re rooted, you can use LBE Privacy Guard. It’s free and it can block apps from accessing stuff you don’t want it to.

          I have this app that’s just a simple game. It apparently wanted my location. Nope!! Blocked that mofo. But you get my point. Wasting my GPS resources and causing unnecessary battery drain. >=.[

    2. Some apps use these permissions legitimately. The app would need access to your phone state to know if your on a call, or receiving a call. You don’t want to miss phone calls every time you play the game. You do need to be careful, because it will give them access to IMEI, and IMSI numbers, but most developers use this to prevent piracy. Bottom line, root your phone, download LBE and control the permissions to any app. I download everything and then block access to stuff like this.

      Now, the retrieve running apps would concern me because this should really only be used by task killers and battery history apps or widgets because they could still your data.

  4. I can’t believe theses kids parents let them run on the train tracks! What is this world coming to? LOL

  5. just another running game…..

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