Sep 21st, 2012

For those not interested in rooting their Verizon Galaxy Nexus and unlocking their bootloaders, Verizon may finally be delivering the treat we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve gotten a few reports in our inbox that an OTA update for build JR003O — Jelly Bean, for those not in the know.

It could be a staggered rollout so some users would have to find a way to force the server to push the file or download the signed ROM file and flash it themselves. But this is not a test, a mistake, or a dream — this is really happening, and we couldn’t be any more relieved. Verizon took longer than we’d expected to bring this update out.

Despite it being a Nexus device they control the development, testing, and rollout. It almost didn’t feel like a Nexus device with how long we had to wait, but despite the time that elapsed from when Jelly Bean was announced until now the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is still one of the first Android phones to receive Android 4.1.

Prepare to enjoy all the great new features Google’s cooked up, including Google Now, expanded notifications, Project Butter, and more. Check for the update in your settings menu, and be sure to have your WiFi radio on before you do — we’re hearing this one will only initiate if you’re connected to WiFi. [, Verizon, Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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