Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson Shooting New Movie “The Internship” At Google’s HQ


Looks like the dynamic duo from the Wedding Crashers will be hitting the big screen once again for an upcoming movie being shot right now at Google HQ. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn were on set for their new movie “The Internship,” where real live Googlers will appear as extras in the film. Google co-founder Sergery Brin was even generous enough to host a dinner at his home where some of the crew was invited and Vince Vaughn even spent some time with Eric Schmidt as part Google’s employee talk sessions to air soon on YouTube.

If you’re wondering what other Google goodies will show up in the film it’s said that Google’s self-driving cars as well as Google Glass will make cameos in the film. The movie will be a comedic take on life in Silicon Valley though we’re not sure when it will be released in theaters.



Chris Chavez
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  1. Sweet! I hope the movie ends up being good. I’m excited that they’re placing Glass in the film. Maybe I’ll wear my pair when I go to see it. :p

  2. Maybe we will get a glimpse at key lime pie or licorice or whatever.

    1. I was going to say the next Nexus but by the time the movie is out, it’ll be old news. Ha

  3. They were also filming at GA Tech all throughout August. Gave some buildings a Google makeover and had a bunch of Google stuff everywhere. I saw Owen Wilson a few times and heard them filming a Google party. They were playing that “What A Feeling” song for like two hours while trying to get those scenes.

  4. Are they gonna blowup Cupertino?

    1. You mean a specific part of Cupertino, right? O.o

      1. absolutely

    2. No but that’s because Apple Maps already blew up the entire earth.

  5. They are great in movies together.

  6. Ahhh, why not at apple HQ? Apple must not want outsiders looking on at their team hard at work “innovating”…

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