Android Overload: ITC Investigates Motorola’s Apple Complaint, Sharp and Fujitsu Are Now PlayStation Certified, and More


  • Google updates Maps (web) with easier to spot interior businesses with panoramic Street View. [Google]
  • Android’s market share at 49.6%, iPhone at 18.8%. iPhone 5 launch will help close the gap. [AP]
  • Contrary to rumors, Intel’s upcoming dual-core Clover Trail Atom CPU will support Android. [ZDNet]
  • CloudMagic updated in the Play Store. Universal search for all your cloud apps and social networks. [Play Store]
  • CM10 Downloader makes keeping up with Cyanogen Nightlies a snap. [Play Store]
  • ITC launches formal investigation into Motorola’s complaints against Apple. [iDownloadBlog]
  • T-Mobile issues software update for Mytouch and Mytouch Q by Huawei to fix camera resolution. [T-MobileSupport]
  • Sharp and Fujitsu are now officially PlayStation Mobile certified. [Engadget]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Going to the blog that is linked for the Motorola vs fruit to read the article really made feel sickened, as if my soul has quit life.
    Their writing has this tone that is the fruit had been right and is always right. (Kinda reminded me of Engadget’s ways of mocking which I’d got sicked of and ditched them)
    I’ve always wondered what ever happened to these people’s common sense and logicality. It is like zombies have eaten their brains.
    People are free to choose which OS to use and/or to “team”, but don’t go to the extreme like all Android, all Samsung, all HTC, etc.

    1. what ever happened to these people’s common sense, well those people you refering to, their bank accounts just keeps on getting swell up by the minute thanks to those mindless icrap buyes.

  2. In other news, iPhone-5 beats the crap out of every Android out there:

    1. And thats with quad cores and twice the amount of RAM! Aah the beauty of Apple engineering :-)

    2. For now: Yes
      Will it last: No

      Is it worth the price (taking into account the, elongated design/the not true 16:8 ratio, lack of nfc, inferior native maps option, proprietary technology and whatnot): No

      1. Oh, yeah? 4S is kind of lasting for a year and dominating OpenGL test in most of the tests:
        I can only imagine what shame iPhone-5 will put Samesung into after running these tests.

        1. Wow it has insane benchmarks!!!
          For what? So you can multitask better? Oh wait, iOS. So you can watch that video while texting? Ow wait its not a GS3. So you can load webpages faster? Who cares when your browser is always safari on the bottom. So you can swipe between screens faster? Yeh, because that is worth $500.

          The only two way iOS users benefit from that one thing the iPhone5 does better is when playing resource intensive games or with shorter load times. Not to say I wouldn’t mind shorter load times everywhere…but whether it is worth the price? Imho , NO (unless you play a lot of games on it)

          tldr: Oh yeah? Yeah!

          EDIT: Also, those benchmarks are not that good, the 4s aged well, but it aged nonetheless (see the EGYPT HD results)

      2. My Commodore 64 turns on instantly therefore it is the most powerful computer in the world.

  3. News from the future…
    ITC launches formal investigation into Motorola’s complaints against Apple…aaaand finds that Apple did not infringe on Motorola’s patents. Apple stock rises another point or two. The End.

    I’m really tired of this patent-shmatent crap, but a significant win on Moto’s side might if not stop then slow down Apple from filing more patent lawsuit in the future.

    I’m also a little disappointed in latest Android phones and at the same time happy for iPhone for scoring hi in most of the benchmarks floating around the web. That should give OHA manufacturers and to some degree Google a kick in the butt. And hopefully make them to start thinking about improving efficiency of their hardware and software components instead of just adding +n RAM or Ghz.

  4. CM10 Downloader? What’s wrong with goo manager?

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