Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 To Have a Locked Bootloader? We’re Not Surprised


Ever since images leaked of the Samsung Galaxy Note on Verizon, the Android modding community knew exactly what to expect in terms of hackability: a locked bootloader. Today, the boys at Brief Mobile were able to get in touch with one of their trusted tipsters who was able to confirm these suspicions.

So what does that mean for the average Android user? Probably not very much. But for those that like to tinker around with the software of their device, doing wild and crazy things like installing custom software, they’ll have to play the cat and mouse game that is finding a root exploit before it can be patched. Shouldn’t worry too much though, a similar situation occurred on the Verizon Galaxy S3 and we all know how that story turned out.

Chris Chavez
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  1. That just means there will be a sweet ass developer edition. /s

    1. Coming soon!
      just like the gs3 …

  2. Ugh, if any other carrier had service like VZW in my area, I’d be willing to leave. Sick of this nonsense.

  3. It was cute seeing Verizon blaming the locked bootloader on the manufacturers a while ago, though.

    1. They still do they told me that like two days ago!

      1. It’s actually because of the way VZW handles the warranty replacements for Sammy.

  4. Horray for not having Verizon’s locked BS.

  5. Wait… people actually thought Verizon would let it be unlocked?

  6. Why do you have to write an article every time a phone on Verizon is announced to have a locked bootloader? Its like you’re begging for people to come on here and complain. We all know that if a phone is released by Verizon it will have a locked bootloader. Everyone who knows what a bootloader is knows this. If sometime in the future a Verizon phone is released without a locked bootloader, that will be news, so why not wait until that happens to write any bootloader articles in relation to Verizon. What’s next? every day we’ll get an article that water is wet?

    1. “What’s next? every day we’ll get an article that water is wet?”

      Drip drop, drip drop. We’ll keep it up until they stop.

    2. No one forced you to read it.

    3. lol. cry some more

  7. I understand wanting to stick it to Verizon and find an exploit for such devices, but as long as that keeps happening and satisfying those who want the flexibility, why would Verizon (or any other carrier) ever change?

    But tdizzel is right – this isn’t worthy of a post.

  8. Is that physical button really going to have Verizon on it. That might sway me to the S3

  9. Thank you Verizon for keeping the developer community busy and alive !!

  10. I’m just happy that there is more verification that it’s COMING to Verizon!!! I know the good people over at XDA will find a way around the locked bootloader.

  11. Verizon can bite my shiny metal ass.

  12. Horrible! Why go backwards Samsung? I hope they don’t do the same with future Samsung devices but glad my GS3 will hold me over for the forseeable future

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