Chameleon Launcher No Longer Beta – Now Available In The Play Store For $10


We’ve been following Chameleon Launcher ever since the developers took to Kickstarter for funding. After spending a short time in the Play Store as an exclusive beta for Kickstarter backers, Chameleon Launcher in now finally available for the rest of us. That is if you can afford it.

I’m sure your eyes have been transfixed on the price tag from our headline, but if you can make it run in the Play Store like you do da club, you’ll have no problem forking over the money for an otherwise fully capable launcher. If you’re genuinely interested in the launcher, but still leary, I’ll be giving this app a full rundown on my tabby in an upcoming post. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve shelled out $10+ for an Android launcher (TSF Shell).

[Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I wonder how well, (if at all) will this work with Paranoid Android ROM if you put it in Tablet Mode.

    1. Ooooh.. I wonder too. I’ll have to give it a shot :)

      1. you running this on a nexus 7? running CM10 nightlies/ Nova and im bored with it :(

        1. Unlocked Galaxy Nexus with Paranoid Android. Thinking if I switch to tablet mode, this launcher could get interesting. :D

          1. it doesnt work T___T

          2. im on PA tablet mode and i cant install it. it said doesnt support samsung galaxy nexus.

    2. I already tried it with the beta. It still needs work its not better than the regular Launcher though. The scaling was a little off.

      1. I’m one of the Kickstarter backers so I’m using it since the beginning. I agree with you that it was not better than the regular Launcher, but in the last few days they’ve rolled out 3 new builds which made major improvements! If I go back to the default launcher on my tablet it just feels empty and not coherent anymore ;) Give it a try!

  2. $10? Sorry to be stingy, but, um, no.

  3. This would go well with that large 22incher from Viewsonic while having the tablet hung on a wall. So yeah I can easily see a use for that on larger devices.

  4. 10 bucks…….please!!!!!

  5. If it delivered I’d pay $10 for a superior launcher but word is its still beta.

  6. Tried setting everything to tablet mode in PA 2.13 and it still says not compatible. Shucks.

  7. for that price…never in my life

  8. DO NOT WANT. I don’t even like the interface, although it is clean. I can see how others would “love” it. It’s definitely not worth $10 though. They are out of their mind charging that.

  9. make it run in the Play Store like you do da club”

    What on earth is this phrase meant to mean??

    1. I think they meant “Make it Rain”

      1. I made it rain a few times but I made sure I picked up all my money

  10. How is this more than just a collection of widgets with the same style?

    1. Thats exactly what it is. Definitely not livin up to the hype. What did they spend all the upstart moneys on and why do they think its worth $10?

  11. @Gamercore:disqus In your opinion, is TSF Shell worth the money? I’m using a stock AT&T Galaxy S3. Would there be features I couldn’t use since I’m on stock? I normally root and ROM my phones but I work for a AT&T authorized retailer and they said I couldn’t have my phone out on the sales floor if I rooted and ROM’ed it so I decided not to for now. What does SHELL mean?

    1. TSF Shell is another launcher, $15 DOLLARS.. years, but years ago used to be nice but not anymore. still didn’t worth the $15 price IMHO.

      1. Thanks for the feedback, I noticed he noted the TSF Shell in the article and I checked it out and was just interested in it.

      2. Are you sure you’re not thinking about spb shell? It’s $15 and came out forever ago. Tsf came out in March ’12 and is $17.

        1. Ohh Yes, yes, you’re right! I was referring to spb.. lol oppss, my bad. I thought I was helping but I guess NOT!

          1. lol its cool. I got them mixed up before I clicked the link.

  12. Kinda neat for someone who cant arrange their own widgets; but not worth $10. I wouldnt use it if it were free; cause no way to add my sports widgets.

  13. took 50K+ from kickstart and ended up with 3.5 rating and cost $10…. if the app isnt free, why they asked people for money in the first place?

    1. To fund development costs so they could pay their developers before the app was released.

      Those people who backed the kickstarter got the app for “free”. But really, the kickstarter backers probalby would have paid more than the going price of $10 for their copy of the launcher.

  14. Wish Chameleon had a 14 day trial, with the appropriate checks to prevent piracy (of course). Easily the best way to convince doubtful customers is to let the actually try it first.

    Let us know when Chameleon do a trial version, Chris. I’ll be in on that shiny bandwagon.

  15. For that price they can lick me where it feels nice, when I say they I mean whatever gurl that worked on that project..and if there were no gurls on the project their wives or gf…either way lick it before I purchase this lol

  16. $10? Um… I’ll only justify that price in games. I spend no more than $15 on apps, and that’s with freemium games. Also, if I see that spending $15 won’t allow me to beat the game I won’t spend it at all.

    $10 for a launcher that I probably won’t keep or can’t customize? Does it have gestures? I NEED swipe up to app drawer and swipe down for Notification bar. That’s godsend for me. LoL!!

  17. $10 for a launcher? LMAO! Good luck with that

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