Bad Piggies trailer shows the mechanic side of all pig-kind


Rovio’s teased Bad Piggies, a game where users play things from the perspective of pigs, for a short while now. Other than the fact that roles would be reversed we didn’t know much about the game. Would the pigs fight to take their dignity back using slingshots or would they be off fulfilling some other purpose? It looks like the latter is the sure answer.

A new trailer was released exclusively on Yahoo Games’ website, and it shows gameplay elements that we honestly didn’t imagine Rovio would ever bring us. The game tasks you with building crazy contraptions and vehicles to give the pigs greater freedom of motion.

Yep, those dastardly birds may be able to fly but pigs know a little bit about building things — you only need return to the story of the Three Little Pigs for evidence of that fact. But there’s no big, bad wolf this time: it’s just you, the pigs, and all the tools you need to make over a million combinations using the proper materials and Rovio’s new blueprint system.

You can build helicopters, bicycles, small planes, cars with TNT attached to the front of them, and more. Unfortunately the pigs don’t seem to have any interaction with the birds from what we can see in this trailer, but perhaps Rovio has even more planned for us sometime down the line. It would be a shame to build all these crazy vehicles without being able to use them on someone.

“As far as the gameplay goes, Bad Piggies and Angry Birds are complete opposites,” Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games at Rovio said. “Angry Birds smash things up, Bad Piggies build stuff. The pigs are all about making plans and building things, even — and especially — when they don’t work!”

Rovio’s calling this a long-term commitment with its vice president of franchise development Ville Heijari stating it’s “the sibling of Angry Birds, and it will get a lot of push over time.”

The game is on its way to the Google Play Store September 27th, and you can believe this is one game that we’ll be dying to download once it hits. You’ll need to head to the source link to watch the trailer as we are not able to embed it. [Yahoo]

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  1. its on youtube , buggy Infinity isnt letting me paste the link

    There we go

  2. The gameplay reminds me of Scribblenauts.

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