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Making an old-school arcade machine with an Android tablet


It seems it was just yesterday we were all meeting at our local arcades to challenge each other in the hottest games. Times have changed, and it seems we have lost that great habit as mobile devices become powerful enough to handle any game. My local arcade is now out of business, but thanks to the guys at Mediocre we can now get a taste of the good ol’ days!

The Mediocre team (popular for developing Sprinkle) has recently launched a new game – Granny Smith. You can go ahead and check out our preview or get it from the Play Store. But the main star of the show here is this awesome arcade machine the team created for the Granny Smith release party!

It is made out of cardboard, wood, an ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T, some arcade buttons and a Zeemote bluetooth controller. Go ahead and check out Mediocre’s blog to see more about the process and details. It took a bit of work and money to put it all together, but the end-product will be the center of attention at any geek’s party!

[Source: Mediocre Blog]

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  1. I wish I had the patience to put something like this together. Pretty awesome none the less :D

  2. i have been building a mame machine running off android. using the mk802 android mini pc and I wired up arcade buttons / joysticks to a old keyboard. works really good I am now starting to build the cabinet. I plan on posting steps when I am all done. but I am sure about anyone with half a brain could do it without step by step plans.

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