Sep 14th, 2012

Those that have been sideloading Google Wallet onto their Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets and using the mobile payment system (despite no official support by the carrier) were greeted with bad news today. Users attempting to open Wallet on their handsets are now greeted with a message reading, “This version of Google Wallet is no longer supported.”

Again, this shouldn’t come as a huge shock, as no carrier officially supports Google Wallet other than Sprint, and the app is blocked in most cases. However, with the Galaxy Nexus rooted users have up until now been able to workaround this and still use Google Wallet as intended. We’re sure those in the developer community are already working hard to find a way around this, but it looks like if you ever want an official mobile payment solution on Verizon’s GNex, you’ll just have to wait for the eventual launch of ISIS.

[Thanks, Jake!]

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