Xtreamer Teases New Mobile Device With Android 4.0, ClockworkMod Updates, Root and Revolutionary Pricing [Video]


We’re not exactly sure what Xtreamer has hidden up their sleeves but what we do know is the manufacturer is gearing up to release a 5-inch Android device with “revolutionary” pricing. A teaser has been uploaded to YouTube and accompanies their now live signup page for the mysterious device which, according to the trailer, will feature dual-SIM slots, Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, ClockworkMod based updates, multilingual ROM, and root enabled by default.

This will be the first Android-based mobile device for the company who typically releases media streamers and various other nicknacks. We wouldn’t expect much by way of top-of-the-line specs. In fact, we’d be surprised to see this launch with 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor. You’ll notice from the video the OS features HTC’s flip-clock widget along with iOS icons which leaves us to believe that a stock Android experience could be out of the question. Anyone else intrigued?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Its stock android, the widget could be a simple htc look a like, theres tons on google play.

    1. I wonder if HTC knew they were designing such a famous clock when they did it.

  2. The widget looks to me like Beautiful Widgets Clock. I may be wrong…but this may be the case.

    1. Beautiful Widgets received a C&D from HTC a long while back and had to change the widget. They have one similar to this, but not as pictured in the video. It’s possible it could be one of many clock widgets with a theme but strange they would feature it in their teaser video..

      1. I know about the C&D…but BW has theme support…and if I am not mistaken I have a theme that looks similar to the one in the video. Anyway…this is unimportant since there are many other weather widgets out there and they can easily install any of them.

        What does matter is the price and the internal components. If this will have a dual-core CPU (a decent one…not from MTK), 1GB RAM and a microSD Card slot (4GB internal memory is OK for me) and a price tag of 250Euros (or below) I am sold.

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the htc clock lol

  4. Looks nice, & hopefully this will bridge the gap for those who want a BIG screen but cannot afford to get contract phones.

    1. 100% agree… I am curious of the screen quality, It looks pixelated in the clip.

  5. Also this is the shape that I was desperately hoping the SGS 3 was going to have – I was really gutted with the curvy tone of the new S3 – my contract is up for renewal in Jan and I am now looking around for an alternative replacement for my SGS – I was 100% sure it would be the S3 – until it was revealed – it still may be

    1. By then there should be an sIV.

  6. If it doesnt come pre loaded with stock ICS it’s already root enabled and has CWM. As simple as it gets for putting a new ROM on the phone.

  7. Could be a great choice for folks already in-contract, but what something new. Will be watching developments regarding price, build quality and how many ROMs start coming out for it.

  8. Yes where can more info be gotten about this upcoming phone.

  9. Cool concept but personally I demand a higher end phone. If something like this comes out with great specs, I’d go for that. VZW kills me with their price and shitty customer service.

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