Sep 12th, 2012

Here we are guys, the eve of the iPhone 5. Apple will captivate the entire world tomorrow morning and yes, even we will be tuned into the live blogs (out of curiosity’s sake, of course). I’ve mentioned it before in other posts, but I’m actually hoping Apple brings their A game. Competition is something Android has thrived on since its inception and despite Apple’s best efforts to eliminate it, as a consumer — I, for one, welcome it. Good night everyone!

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 passes through the FCC. But is it the AT&T version or international? [WirelessGoodness]
  • Samsung mobile unit head JK Shin says he expects Galaxy Note 2 sales to hit 20 million. [YonhapNews]
  • Instagram sees huge growth of 1,179%  in the past 6 months. You can thank Android users. [BusinessInsider]
  • Apple/HTC trial heats up. Apple asks ITC to sanction HTC for uncooperative expert witness. [Electronista]