Sep 11th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 10:37 pm

Folks who’ve been craving for jelly beans on their Verizon Galaxy S3 can now get it in TouchWiz form. A leak of Samsung’s TouchWiz-enabled Jelly Bean build from the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 has been ported over to Big Red’s.

It does have a couple of bugs, but it’s nothing too severe. For starters GPS directions don’t work — we’re not sure if they mean turn-by-turn navigation or listed directions. Either way, it’s something you’ll want to check out for yourself if you plan on flashing it.

They’re also experiencing force closes when trying to set the home screen’s wallpaper using the long press method, but setting wallpapers from the gallery works just fine so this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

The name of this ROM is TouchMyBeans, and no matter how inappropriate its name may seem you’ll want to pay close attention to it anyway. Get it over at XDA. [Thanks Stephan!]

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