Sep 11th, 2012

Sony has announced that its Xperia V smartphone will feature “sensor-on-lens” display technology. To put it simply from the get go, sensor-on-lens will combine the dual layer of glass that usually makes up the touch sensor and the protective lens into one.

This means that instead of using the three layers of glass usually combined to make standard displays, Sony will only be using two layers of glass. They say that the reduced amount of glue and material on top of the actual display will make for better image quality and a true “direct touch” experience.

They say it makes it feel like you’re touching the image itself since it moves the image plane closer to you. Also, a lighter and thinner build is achieved thanks to the change.

While we can’t speak on the whole “feel like you’re touching the image” feeling they claim to have made, we can’t imagine something like this won’t be welcome by anyone who decides to purchase the Sony Xperia V. Head to Sony’s blog for more details.

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