Samsung couldn’t put a 13 MP camera on the Note II because of Sony’s production issues


The Note II’s already got some amazing specs, but on the one front that some might have been disappointed has been Samsung putting “only” an 8MP shooter on it. That’s primarily because the rumors pointed towards the possibility of a 12 or 13 megapixel camera. IntoMobile is reporting today that the decision wasn’t really about cutting costs or something, but rather an issue on Sony’s side, with the Japanese CE giant unable to provide sufficient CMOS sensors to Samsung.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. So why they put the 13 mp inside galaxy note ?

    1. Original Note was 8MP as well. Also the writer failed to mention LG has been purchasing tons of the 13MP camera sensors from Sony, and started doing so in the beginning of the year :)

      1. The writer failed to mention something about a totally different phone. Also if the writer mentioned what you said, they would also have to make a statement that no phone can save LG from themselves. They keep making awesome phones with horrible build quality. Or they bog it down with so much aftermarket BS that it becomes a terrible phone.

  2. 8mp is more than sufficant for the majority of consumers. If anyone really has a need for a better camera than that, they should already have or be looking into a real camera.

    1. I delete about 75% of all photos I take (blurry dupes usually), and then I crop down nearly all of those for better framing. Having more pixels means better resolution for the smaller cropped area (just as with DSLRs)

      1. Agreed. I understand the argument that more megapixels don’t necessarily mean a better camera, but then again, yeah it does. (Yes, I understand about sensors, etc.)

    2. Or buy a sony

  3. I think if you can’t go up in MP, then install a better lens…

    1. I wish Nokia wasn’t the only one with carl zeiss

  4. Galaxy Note III will probably have 13MP+ then.

    1. Who knows but LG Optimus G will

  5. More megapixels don’t matter much, what they need is to find a way to use a real lens.

  6. I need an 8MP camera on the FRONT of the phone with the option to use your notification LED as a somewhat bright flash/flashlight for video calls in the dark

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