Sep 8th, 2012

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD LTE might already be available on pre-order, with shipping set for late November, but it’s still to get one important certification without which the product cannot actually be put into customer hands: an FCC certification. Due to regulations, Amazon can’t actually publicize the LTE version without a disclaimer, which they have put on their site albeit, like all disclaimers, it’s not difficult to miss.

It’s very unlikely that Amazon won’t get the certification in time, but from the following passage on Electronista, it looks like Amazon’s broken a rule by offering the device on pre-order before they have the clearance, though I must admit the disclaimer’s wordings puts it heavily in the grey area.

Mitchell Lazarus, FCC approval expert at law form Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth said companies cannot cannot accept orders and payments from retail customers prior to FCC approval. Wholesale orders can be accepted from retailers, but the same shipment prohibition applies.


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