Amazon announces updated 7 inch Kindle Fire, coming September 14th for $159


The tech world flew from a fun-filled day in NYC and converged on the opposite coast for an Amazon event today, and they got together to witness the unveiling of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet. It’s a direct sequel on the version from last year, and it still shares that perfect book-like 7 inch display size that we’ve all come to know and love.

In fact, the device looks a lot like the version of yesteryear. Amazon says it has a newer processor, double the RAM (so 1GB), better battery, and better performance — 44% better. We don’t have a ton of info on the hard specs just yet, but we’re sure Amazon will post all of that shortly.

Oh, and we have pricing and availability: September 14th for $159. How’s that for a bombshell of a price point? You can pre-order it starting today at

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

We’re live in Santa Monica from the Amazon event!

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  1. I’d still rather have a Nexus 7

    1. yea but you got to love the competition, google will have to top this now >.>

      1. But it’s already been topped. The Nexus 7 is better in every way (I think) other than price. I’m alright with spending $40 extra to get a better device. The Kindle Fire UI is gross.

        EDIT: But hey, competition leads to more innovation. So you are right. Have my upvote.

        1. Nexus 7 only comes with 8 or 16 gig. That’s a big deal with no SD slot. You can get the 7″ Fire HD with 32 gig. Lots of other specs such as Dolby stereo, faster wifi and a better powerVR gpu.
          That’s just the 7″ version. The 9″ version offers 1920×1200, up to 64 gig and LTE. Google needs to catch up…

          1. Yeah, but they also cost as much as a transformer prime infinity. Which would I rather have? The transformer prime infinity…

          2. And I would rather have the Galaxy Note 10.1 simply because I’m more interested in creating than watching movies and playing non-PC games.

            But I want Amazon to get into high end tablets because they know how to sell stuff. We’re not going to get good android tablet apps (the 600k android phone apps on Play don’t apply here) if few people buy good android tablets.

  2. Ahh shiz, Amazon came out swinging. Their going after the Nexus 7 and the iPad, and another 50 bucks price drop >.> how low can they go ?

  3. crazy fucking price point, just fucking crazy

  4. I got a Nexus 7 16gb, going to be tuff to beat it.

    1. it has a 1920×1200 resolution, a 1.5-1.8ghz processor, its 8.8mm thin only 20 ounces.Dual Stereo Speaker. 2 wifi Antennas 5.0 ghz and 2.4. Hd front facing cam(no word on mp yet). Mutli User profiles.
      Their Base price is 199 for the 16gb version >.>
      I dint expect this at all

      1. That is the HD, not the regular fire.

        1. yea but the HD is 199 the same price as the Nexus 7 8gb

          1. It is coming in November 20th.. if you want to wait by then.

          2. Im not buying it, i recently bought a Galaxy note 10.1 im just saying i dint expect any of this shiz i just thought they were going to have a bunch of specs boost but the 1920×1200 caught me by surprise and so did the 50 dollar price drop.

          3. the 7 inch HD is also September 14th, same as the lower price point one. The 8.9 isn’t until November 20th.

        2. so these are their new models, the Normal Kindle fire at 159 with a bunch of spec boosts, the Kindle Fire hd 7″ 16 gb at 199$, kindle fire hd 8.9″ 16gb at 300$, and the kindle fire hd 8.9 dual 4g LTE 32gb at 500$

      2. Lets get some CM10 on that beast and we are GOLDEN!

  5. I still prefer the nexus 7 over this.

    1. Nexus 7 is near perfect but this will make Google continue to innovate and compete with Amazon and offer better products for their customers.

  6. front face camera is a most. Looks good but I prefer my nexus

  7. Crapple’s mini won’t be able to compete with this price.

  8. 199 not 159

    1. Read harder.

      1. Oops

  9. Im beginning to wonder how phone manufacturers can charge $800-$900 for a new device when amazon can sell one that’s 3″ bigger for $159. Granted they eat some of the cost but even at $200 it’s still cheaper by $600. Do cell radios cost around $400? (that, by the way, is leaving $200 profit to manufactures) I think there is a lot of price fixing going on. Just like LCD TV displays…

    1. I’ve been wondering this same thing for the past couple of years. There is NO way a phone should have a retail price of $699. I still don’t know why the Galaxy Nexus costs so much more than the Galaxy 7. Is the price really driven by that much consumer demand? Are they covering design and engineering costs? The subsidies from cell phone providers is out of whack.

    2. In addition to the wireless radios, the manufacturing processes for the smaller, high resolution screens and the smaller circuit boards (fitting everything on there plus keeping it super thin) are way more expensive.

    3. It’s subsidized by Amazon and they hope to make the money back with stuff like amazon prime.

  10. can i get some volume button on that thing? shiettt

  11. Wow… When I thought that the Kindle’s price couldn’t be any lower…

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