First Look: Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD [VIDEO]


Motorola has just launched the successor to their Droid RAZR MAXX released earlier this year for Verizon. Though it won’t hit shelves for a few more months, the Droid RAZR MAXX HD is a worthy successor and should be a hit over the holidays. Featuring a nearly identical spec sheet to the Droid RAZR HD save for a battery capacity in excess of 3,000mAh, the MAXX HD offers all day battery life, tons of power, and a beautifully crisp 4.7-inch display.

With all the same stylings including a durable Kevlar backing and Gorilla Glass display, it’s hard to imagine anyone wouldn’t want to choose the MAXX HD over the standard model. It’s only a hair thinner, and you can notice a difference in weight if you really are looking for it, but the extra size is hardly noticeable. Still, the RAZR HD is no slouch in the battery department either.

Some new features such as a quick settings menu accessed by swiping all the way to the left and Chrome as the default browser add some value to Motorola’s customized interface running over Ice Cream Sandwich (a Jelly Bean update is planned), but with Google running the show at Moto these days, we still wish we could see a transition to stock Android as the norm.

Check out the video above for a quick rundown of all the specs and features you need to know. We’ll be back with a full review closer to launch.

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  1. Not a fan of Moto but with that hardware and specs, you have to like it.

    1. I’m a Motorola fan and would choose this over anything else out (I’d choose the current maxx over anything out) but the specs are a little disappointing. The screen size and resolution is the only thing making me want this over my Maxx. The processor is ok, but it won’t beat current phones from other manufactures and only having 1 gb of ram was the biggest disappointnent to me.

      1. I just found my new dream phone. 4.7″ screen, on-screen buttons, 3000+ mah battery…oh, and Jelly Bean soon. This is EXACTLY what I want...iphone5Amazing.blogspot.com

  2. I actually don’t mind have customised UI as long as the updates come quickly. I think a month or 2 max. I do like the look of this phone, the first moto phone I’ve ever liked!

  3. How does the quick setting screen work? if you have 5 screens do you have to be on the first screen?

    1. I’m guessing it acts as the left-most “homescreen”, since there’s no other way.

      I don’t see the point of it, though, since the notification widget settings (in CyanogenMod (and TouchWiz)) are easier to get to and more compact.

      1. I normally have 5 screens and #3 is the main one, so it would be faster for me to just go into settings (assuming I wasn’t running aokp with notification toggles.

  4. Yeah, as other have said, not a huge Moto fan, but I might be a Googorola fan. I want 3300 battery! Worst case, install a launcher. (until I load CM10 on it)

    1. Can you imagine how much more battery life CM 10 will push out of this device…probably double that whats said.

    2. The RAZR Maxx HD “Developer Edition” is calling you my friend!

  5. I want a GSM Google Nexus Razr Maxxx HD. Really feeling the look and design of this phone.

  6. What’s that clock on there? Looks a lot like One More Clock with it’s rings, but at 1:31 he swiped the weather and it changed, which I don’t recall OMC doing.

    1. Its the same widget from the the ATT Atrix HD.

  7. All that bitchin’ and complaining I did months ago “MAXX or GTFO” paid off. We have ourselves a MAXX HD.

  8. Should have came out with Jelly Bean from the get-go…

  9. I heard NFC for the RazrM but I didnt hear him say it about the Razr HD’s?

  10. At least the UI is only slightly customized, unlike the GS3 which has heavy overlay everywhere.

    1. I like the translucent nav and notification bars. But otherwise I’m with you and prefer stock android.

  11. holiday phones dropping w/o JB, smh..FAIL

  12. I just found my new dream phone. 4.7″ screen, on-screen buttons, 3000+ mah battery…oh, and Jelly Bean soon. This is EXACTLY what I want.

  13. Same specs? Why the HD? Better screen? More like lazy ass workers… Yay for profit

  14. Now this is a phone… if only they would release this on other carriers

  15. Now that the Note 2 has a 3100 mah battery (and it’s hopefully removable) this phone is way less appealing.

  16. Does anyone know if the battery is NON-user accessible? RAZR MAXX HD.

  17. Come on Motorola… Still launching a flagship phone with ICS???
    Note 2 and S3 have JB now, seems that Google still cant fix you…

  18. I can almost guarantee by the time these phones start shipping that jellybean will be ready for them ,Google won’t let this sit on ICS very long. The phones are running similar specs to the north american s3 and the advantage of having a way better battery, having a closer to stock ui and being backed by Google give me enough reason to pick this over the s3. The note 2 is definitely tempting also with its 3100 mah battery and s-pen features .

  19. Meh, 5″ screen and a S4 pro and I would’ve bought it, Motorola is always a quarter behind everybody else.

  20. I believe these are the very last devices from the Moto’s Sanjay era. These phones were in the works long before the Google acquisition was finalized. What we’ll see in 2013 from the Google-owned Moto will be very VERY interesting. I’m super stoked to see a Moto-buit Nexus in the future. I’m sick and tired of Sammy’s cheap plasticky build quality and Sammy’s crappy radios. It’s time for Moto to make the 2013 Nexus. Google! Make it happen!

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