Sep 5th, 2012

Motorola has just launched the successor to their Droid RAZR MAXX released earlier this year for Verizon. Though it won’t hit shelves for a few more months, the Droid RAZR MAXX HD is a worthy successor and should be a hit over the holidays. Featuring a nearly identical spec sheet to the Droid RAZR HD save for a battery capacity in excess of 3,000mAh, the MAXX HD offers all day battery life, tons of power, and a beautifully crisp 4.7-inch display.

With all the same stylings including a durable Kevlar backing and Gorilla Glass display, it’s hard to imagine anyone wouldn’t want to choose the MAXX HD over the standard model. It’s only a hair thinner, and you can notice a difference in weight if you really are looking for it, but the extra size is hardly noticeable. Still, the RAZR HD is no slouch in the battery department either.

Some new features such as a quick settings menu accessed by swiping all the way to the left and Chrome as the default browser add some value to Motorola’s customized interface running over Ice Cream Sandwich (a Jelly Bean update is planned), but with Google running the show at Moto these days, we still wish we could see a transition to stock Android as the norm.

Check out the video above for a quick rundown of all the specs and features you need to know. We’ll be back with a full review closer to launch.

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