3G-enabled Nexus 7 rumored to launch in October


Whispers of a 3G-enabled Nexus 7 have come and gone since the Jelly Bean tablet first debuted as a WiFi-only device in 8GB and 16GB flavors. While there is still no hard evidence to prove that a version of the slate primed for cellular networks exists, one trusted source is fairly convinced we could see such a device launch in “around six weeks.”

Paul O’Brien of MoDaCo claims production is already underway on the Nexus 7 with 3G based on the word of a “very well-placed insider,” but there is nothing in terms of physical evidence to back up his claims. It has always been believed that ASUS and Google would eventually ship a 3G version of their $199 tablet, and it may not have made the initial launch simply based on a rushed development and production period of four months leading up the the July release of the Nexus 7. If a lack of true portability has kept you away from the N7, then October may bring you a reason to purchase one.

[via TheVerge]

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  1. In B4 all of the “They better let me trade mine in for the 3G model!” posts…

    1. In B4 why the hell would you buy a 3G model anyway!

  2. Where’s my props for the tip? :p

  3. Interesting. Now, for
    no reason other than I would like to see it done, I’d like to see one going to
    the top of Mt. Everest. No, really, if you didn’t know (why would most people know this anyway?) Mt. Everest has had 3G coverage for quite
    awhile now thanks to a Swedish-owned Nepalese Firm, Ncell
    Some climbers, using
    Instagram, and a platform that is not Android, but may sue me for using their
    name did it with a phone not long ago.

    That could be very cool indeed; a team of climbers bringing an
    N7 along to their journey to the summit, take pictures along the way, and share
    their experience via the N7. It isn’t “copying” anyone – Ncell didn’t
    install 3G base stations 17,000 ft. (~5180m) up the world’s highest mountain for one trip –
    I’m certain climbers will be doing this more as a norm rather than an exception, so
    why not try and get the N7 up as the first tablet? It would make for a great
    story to follow as well.

    1. Do it with Project Glass. That way we can see the entire climb, live, without them having to pull out a phone or anything.

      1. That would be very cool indeed. I think Google would have to get on board and make “Project Glass – Everest Edition” in the form of Goggles for the climbers. It could make for a great advertisement for them, and something really interesting for the rest of us to see!

  4. Why would you need a 3g model when u can tether 4g from your phone?

    1. Not everyone has 4G phones, or 4G in their area. I would be surprised though, if at least the idea of a 3G/4G model wasn’t tossed around.

      1. “Not everyone has 4G phones”

        …”3G-enabled Nexus 7″


      2. The amount of 3g phones still rolling around is small.

        1. Really?? just a few months ago, VZW said that only 5% of their customers had 4G phones. So, I’ll give you the best case scenario, lets say that number has tripled over the last several months…. That doesn’t sound like a small number of 3G phones rolling around.

          1. ah crap I forgot Verizon skipped 4g and went straight to lte. I work for att and we have had 4g for years. anything newer than the captivate is 4g and now we only carry 4 phones that aren’t lte. but you are right on Verizon it is low.

          2. HSPA+ is not “4G”, especially AT&T’s HSPA+. It’s a joke. T-Mo’s HSPA+ can actually compete with LTE speeds in some areas.

            And AT&T carries 43 phones. Only 16 of those have LTE.

          3. When I say we I mean my store and we only stock 4 phones that aren’t lte. xperia play iphone 3gs iphone 4 and uhh… samsung rugby… ( just smart phones)

            what does tmobiles hspa+ speeds run? we are 7-10 mbps on average

          4. iPhone 4S isn’t LTE either.

            In San Diego, AT&T HSPA+ gets around 3Mbps where I have friends with T-Mo that can pull 15-20 Mbps in some places.

            T-Mo coverage is highly dependent on where you are. AT&T is always fairly slow. Of course I have an LTE phone now and I love it.

      3. not every country has a 4g network!

    2. “Why make billions when you could make…millions?”

      Dr. Evil

    3. Not everyone’s phone is even a smartphone. I recently sold my smartphone and let go of the bill as one of several cost cutting measures I’ve been forced to take due to simple economics. I used some of the money from the smartphone sale to get a Nexus 7 so I could 1. continue to regularly enjoy an android experience of some sort without an exorbitant cellular bill and 2. Stay in touch with my wife, family and friends via video chat and other methods while doing so.

      I, for one, would have waited for the cellular tablet had I known it was going to be made available and am disappointed that Google didn’t provide this info up front, meaning pre-launch.

  5. I’d buy one if they’d let me swap mine for the cost of the cellular hardware and shipping. Otherwise I’ll be waiting till the next cellular version comes along. Wish they had released them all at once… Hope google learns from this! Nexus needs cellular option, back camera option, sd card option, and an all of the above version.

    1. Doesn’t need a back camera and definitely not an SD card add in to slow it down.

      1. I said “option”, twit. Meaning people can select from a variety of pure android “devices” that meet their needs, be they basic (wifi only 7in tab), or complex (7 or 10in all in one device, so they only ever need the one item).

        I downgraded from an all in one 7incher because the hardware was outdated, and the os was never going to be updated. There are many people out there, like me, that appreciate needing only one portable device.

        Of course they’re not for everybody, again, that’s why I said “options”! Like stepping stones: Nexus 7, Nexus 7 3g, Nexus 7+, Nexus 7++…. Or whatever. Learn to read!

        1. You’re another one who should stop posting on the internet.

          1. Ironically I consider as much to be appropriate self regulating behavior for individuals who insist on attempting to debate ideas they are either incapable of comprehending, or are too lazy to actually analyze fully first rather than just giving a cursory glance to before commenting; or, those who hear/read what they want rather than what is actually there.

            For example, search Google for “define twit”. Seems an appropriate descriptive term to me. But rather than take it as is, you chose to take offense and jump to a rather dramatic conclusion: you don’t like what I have to say, so I shouldn’t be allowed to have a voice. Again, twit!

  6. If it makes phone calls, I’m buying!

    1. Or, you can buy GrooveiP on the play store and get free incoming and outgoing calls using your Google Voice number with the data plan.

      1. what if i bring the tablet to an international location, would groove ip still work?

        1. Works like a charm. My cousin just left to Russia from California. He had an old my touch 3g he hasn’t touched in ages. We logged into Google play, purchased groove IP, got him a Google voice number and he’s been calling here with a local area code ever since just connected to wifi. Haha.

          1. countries like cuba block google, so i would like to figure out a workaround for that scenario. broadband exists but its expensive, and even then its censored…

      2. or you can use talkatone for free….

  7. Kinda glad i held out

  8. Nope. Satisfied with my WiFi only tablet. I find it kinda pointless to pay an extra fee when I can just tether. LoL!! And if it’s going to be 3G? Yea. I’m not paying extra for Sprint’s 3G. LoL!!

    Now what rumor I do wanna here is something about the next Nexus device. Qwerty Nexus maybe? The Motorola Photon Q seems to be getting more negative reviews than I thought.

  9. Come on now let’s lead and not follow. 3G/HSPA+/LTE please. LTE on Verizon is a must. Their 3G network sucks. On ATT and TMO you could either way but HSPA+ is amazing.

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