James Bond will be rocking the Sony Xperia T in Skyfall


We just got a an update from the Sony Xperia Product Blog on our Google Reader list, where the writer mentions his favorite features from the company’s latest devices. Typically, I ignore most of the stuff since it’s the usual PR stuff. However, one line caught my eye: James Bond handset of choice in Skyfall, the latest movie of the series, will be the Xperia T.

James Bond’s gadgets are probably only behind Batman’s and Iron Man’s in terms of awesomeness, so its good to see him using an Android device. And if Nokia could sell a few 5800 through the product placement in Dark Knight then I’m certain Sony would get a few Ts off the shelves, too.

[Sony Xperia Product Blog]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Aaaannnnnnnnddd it sucks
    Edit: Even the fans making Iphone 5 leaked prototypes have no imagination, how do the expect the company to.

  2. Sony makes some of the sexiest high tech looking devices around. Too bad they don’t get the same following and development that Samsung phones get.

  3. What does this got to do with the article?
    Nothing, you dumb sheep.
    Tim cook loves you: sheep defend!!! There’s a good sheep!

  4. Tim Cook fluffing, crApple zombie asshats. Postíng iphone garbage in the comments. F uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

  5. I’m glad you posted that, it shows how ugly the iphone is compared to the T!

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