Aug 30th, 2012

Though most of my writing is done on a computer, I’m a bit of a notebook geek. And if you’re a notebook geek like me, you have no doubt had some experience with Moleskine. Self-professed makers of “legendary” writing pads, you can make your on arguments about paper quality and premium pricing (personally I will stick with the cheaper, finer quality Apica books), but there is no denying the brand as a cultural icon. But nevermind notebooks, we’re talking about Moleskine’s first Android app today.

Moleskine for Android is billed as nearly identical to the company’s iPhone offering, but an exclusivity agreement with Samsung to include the app on the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1 adds a great deal of functionality you wouldn’t get otherwise. Aside from S-Pen support, you get the smartphone equivalent of classic Moleskine features such as the ability select plain, ruled, or squared “paper” and a “pocket” for storing digital items, just like the paper pouch found at the back of the company’s physical notebooks.

Perhaps even cooler is word that we could see some custom Galaxy Note covers down the road that will combine a place to hold your phone with an actual, physical Moleskine Notebook. We’d expect it would carry similar capabilities as the recently unveiled Evernote Moleskine, which allows users to snap a photo of a page in the book to have the results digitized.

[via TheVerge]